order of operations

Topics: Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: October 26, 2014

In this lesson, we explore the:
Psychodynamic theory (Freud)
the theory of the collective unconscious (Jung)
the theory of the Individual (Adler), and
the social development theory (Karen Horney)
After reviewing each of the above theories, choose one theory and theorist and answer the following questions in a paragraph essay format: Using a word processor, complete the following:
Choose one of the above theorists and his or her theory and explain how you can apply that theory to your life. Why have you chosen this theory? Please provide personal examples. If you could ask your chosen theorist a question about his or her theory, what would it be? Why is this question important to you?

Your assignment should be a minimum of one to two well-composed paragraphs. Each paragraph should include 5-7 insightful sentences. I have chosen Alfred Adler individual theory, According to Adler's theory, each of us is born into the world with a sense of inferiority.  We start as a weak and helpless child and strive to overcome these deficiencies by become superior to those around us. I feel that I not only can apply this theory today, but I also feel that I already apply this theory in my everyday life. I mean I strive to be the best at whatever I do. I feel that if I do not strive to be the best I will just end up average like everyone else. I was born in a small southern town in NC and I wanted to be my best therefore I choose to move to the north because in order to be the best it would not happen where I was born. I strive to give it my all even if it is not considered the best by others if I do my best at it and give it my all then it is the best for me. If I could ask the Adler a question well that is really hard because there are more than one that came to mind. Since I can only choose one I think it would be did he have influences from his own life that helped come up with this theory or someone close to him? I choose this question because I...
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