Narrative Note Guide

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Narrative Writing Note-Taking Guide

Define the six traits of writing.
IdeasKey elements of the story
OrganizationTimeline of story
Word ChoiceDescriptive words
Sentence FluencyHow sentences flow together
ConventionsSpelling, Punctuation, Grammar, and capitalization. Explain the steps of the writing process.

-Ideas, Organization, & Voice-you generate ideas, determine voice, and organize or arrange the elements to create a plan for a complete narrative. Draft
-Voice, Ideas, Word Choice, & Sentence Fluency.-All the ideas you generated during pre-writing. Sentence fluency is important in this step because you are figuring out how to weave your ideas together into a complete story. Revise/edit-Revise: revise, you go back and look over what you’ve written to see how well you’ve built your idea into a complete story. Does the voice you created match the story you are telling? Have you organized your writing so it makes sense? This is also a great time to share your story with someone else to get feedback about your writing. -Edit: You check your writing for proper use of conventions – spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. Rewrite-you make any improvements needed based on your revision and editing. Then you check one last time to make sure your paper is free from conventions errors make corrections as needed. PublishIdentify the topic you will use for your Macbeth-inspired narrative and explain why you selected it. -Narrate a scene where the weird sisters appear and speak to Macduff after King Duncan is killed. I chose that scene because I love the way the weird sisters are used in Macbeth. They are my favorite characters.-  

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