My First Driving Experience
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Mother Tongue Mother Tongue, is an essay written by Amy Tan who was born in Oakland, California and grew up in a home where English was a second language. As Amy got older, she would have to translate and speak as her mother when talking to other people. She thought it was embarrassing at times because her mother’s English could come across a little hasty toward people. Amy Tan wrote this essay because she was an English major who loved English, but she also knew that there were differences in her speech at home with her mom than people she would speak too, out of the home. She wanted to know why her language would change, and drastically it would when her mother was around. I can easily relate to the essay because at my home English is a second language to my parents. Though it wasn’t as noticeable as Amy’s mother, but there were times where I heard my mother have a hard time speaking to people because she could not get her point across. There were times where I had to step in and just say “she means this, not that.” Growing up in a home where English is not the first language to me becomes your first Language because at the home everyone uses it to communicate and show affection with each other, before we head off to school to learn English that we use to speak to the world outside our homes.

Profession for Women Profession for women was written by Virginia Wolf, who was born in London and wrote from a time when women were not equal to man (25). She wrote in her essay about an Angel in the house that would tell her to write good things about men and tell her she was just a woman who just needed to look pretty. She later explains that most people may not know what she is talking about; referring to the angel in the house because; at the time Virginia wrote the essay woman had more freedoms by now. They were taken more seriously and could write freely without judgment and their work was looked as equals to a man’s work. From her essay she

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