Amy Tan

Topics: United States, Second language, French language, Lingua franca / Pages: 2 (352 words) / Published: Feb 28th, 2014
20 February 2014 (21 February) After reading the strongly “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tran, it shows a great deal of strength from the Asian American Culture. Throughout the reading it showed how hard it was and still is for Asian Americans to work through the difficulties of the English language. In her essay Amy Tan writes about the problems immigrant families have with speaking English, by reflecting on her own experience. While reading Mother Tongue, I remembered the difficulties I faced when I was learning how to speak English. My English now is better than before but I am still learning because I still can’t fully pronounce some words or I catch myself stuttering when I speak English. My vocabulary was pretty weak and I had trouble pronouncing words that I was not familiar with. English is not my native language and it is not the primary language that I speak at home with my parents. I can connect to Tan’s experiences because I have experienced what she centers about. I believe that Tan’s work is easily understood by many American immigrants because it is easy to relate to. I also believe that her primary audience is those who have immigrated to the United States. It’s also concentrated to those who weren’t raised in an American Society. Tan wanted to show her audience that there are multiple forms that the English language can be spoken and used in. This doesn’t make one form “better” than the other. Using a particular language does not determine an individual’s accuracy in expressing clear, complete, and thoughtful ideas. When reading “Mother Tongue” I was able to connect with some of her experiences as well. For example, as a child, I would get embarrassed by my parents English language skills. Tan brings up a good point about the existence of multiple types of spoken English and how there is no particular one that is “correct” in comparison to another. Language is a means of communication, thus, it should unify us and bring us together rather than act as a

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