Multistoreyed Car Parking Monitoring System

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This chapter outlines the background to the study, the statement of the problem, objectives and the justification of the research.
. 1.1Background
Public utilities need a parking infrastructure that can function efficiently and be integrated with the other urban city utilities. Economic development sees parking as a tool to support current economic activity and as incentive to attract new businesses. Safety and security departments see parking and its prerequisite enforcement as, just that, a requirement, albeit it is a low priority requirement that can divert that department from its higher priority function. Many parking facilities in India are not effectively managed because of haphazard method of parking adopted by motorists that park according to convenience rather than utilizing bays systematically. This has caused jams at busy spots leaving other parking spaces free. This calls for a Parking Management System that can be used assign bays to the motorists in a systematic and consistent manner so as to avoid traffic jams at busy spots. The inability of motorists to identify parking bays at a specific facility in the shortest time possible would, significantly, contribute to fatigue in operating the vehicle. Moreover, some motorists that fail to find parking space tend to park vehicles illegally on shoulders or pavements which would likely result in unsafe conditions.

1.2 Objective

In this modern era, where space has become a very big problem and in the era of miniaturization, it is necessary to avoid the wastage of space in big companies, apartments etc. This scenario is tackled to a great extend by implementing a multistoried car parking system which will be a boon to metro cities and townships. Often people have much confusion and also consume time in parking cars in a large parking space as they have no idea about the empty slots to park cars. By implementing this system it saves a lot of time and avoids confusion and rush in parking areas as the people get a clear idea about where to park their vehicles. This parking system enables the parking of vehicles floor after floor thus reducing the space used.

1.3 Advantages

The multistoried car parking monitoring system can be easily implemented in parking areas. It completely automates the parking area which is always appreciated as it reduces human labour. The system is economical as it does not require much maintenance cost and only the initial cost is required. The space required for parking is reduced to a great extends. This system is time saving as parking is done at ease without much confusion.

1.4 Applications
This system is having application in shopping malls, multiplexes, multinational companies, apartments, busy streets, public places and the like.


An extensive review of the literature related to parking systems was conducted. The review seeks to survey available parking management systems and to understand their potential.

2.1 The need for a Parking Management System
Parking Monitoring Systems that attempt to minimize parking search traffic in large parking facilities and central cities by dynamically monitoring available parking, and directing motorists to the available parking space.. Parking monitoring system reduces parking facility queue lengths; however, system-wide reductions in travel time and vehicle travel, and economic benefits may be relatively small. Traffic congestion is a problem that appears to be increasing in a worldwide context. In recent years...
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