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Topics: Date and time notation by country, 24-hour clock, 12-hour clock Pages: 14 (1345 words) Published: April 3, 2011
CSCI 1101
Computer Science II

Assignment No. 2
Date Given: January 31, 2011
Due: February 18, 2011

David Mongrain

Parking ticket simulator
//Object representation of a car.
public class ParkedCar
private String carMake;
private String carColor;
private int carLicense;

//Constructs the car, with given car make, car color, and car license. //Sets the declared instance variables to their respective given values;
public ParkedCar(String make, String color, int license)
carMake = make;
carColor = color;
carLicense = license;

//This prints the information of the car.
public String toString()
String carInfo;
carInfo = "Car Make: "+carMake+"\nCar color: "+carColor+"\nLicense Number: "+carLicense+"\n";
return carInfo;
//Object representation of a parking meter.
public class ParkingMeter
private int minutesPurchased;
private int minutesPassed;
private int minutesPassedExp;

//Constructor for Parking Meter with
//amount of minutes purchased as only parameter.
public ParkingMeter(int minutes, int timePassed)
minutesPurchased = minutes;
minutesPassed = timePassed;

//Get-method for the minutes paid-for.
public int getMinutesPurchased()
return minutesPurchased;

//Get-method for the time passed, in minutes.
public int getMinutesPassed()
return minutesPassed;

//This method gets the minutes passed expiration.
public int passedExpiration()
minutesPassedExp = minutesPassed - minutesPurchased;
return minutesPassedExp;

//Prints (if the meter is expired) how long the meter has been expired. //Otherwise (if the meter is still good), prints the remaining time on the meter.
public String toString()
int minutesRemaining;
minutesRemaining = minutesPurchased - minutesPassed;
String meterDetails;
if(minutesPassed > minutesPurchased)
meterDetails = "Your meter has expired by "+minutesPassedExp+" minutes";
meterDetails = "Your meter has "+minutesRemaining+" minutes remaining.";
return meterDetails;
//Object representation of a parking ticket.
public class ParkingTicket
private int fineAmount;
private ParkedCar illegalCar;
private String copName;
private int copNum;

//Constructor for the ticket.
//In addition to assigning given-values to the declared variables
//this method calculates the fine's amount.
public ParkingTicket(ParkingMeter meter, ParkedCar car, String name, int number)
illegalCar = car;
fineAmount = 25+meter.passedExpiration()/60*10;
copName = name;
copNum = number;

//Prints ticket information.
public String toString()
String ticketInfo;
ticketInfo = "Car Information\n\n"+illegalCar+"Fine amount: "+fineAmount+"\n\nOfficer Name: "+copName+"\nOfficer #: "+copNum;
return ticketInfo;
//Object representation of a police officer's identity.
public class PoliceOfficer
private String officerName;
private int officerBadge;

//Constructor for the police officer, with given name and badge number.
//Assigns declares variables to the given values.
public PoliceOfficer(String name, int badge)
officerName = name;
officerBadge = badge;

//Checks if the meter is expired or not.
public boolean examineMeter(ParkingMeter meter)
if(meter.getMinutesPassed() > meter.getMinutesPurchased())
return true;
return false;

//Gives a parking ticket to the illegally parked car.
public ParkingTicket giveTicket(ParkingMeter meter, ParkedCar car)
ParkingTicket hisTicket = new ParkingTicket(meter, car, officerName, officerBadge);
return hisTicket;
//Demonstrates the collaboration of the ParkedCar, ParkingMeter //ParkingTicket and PoliceOfficer classes.
public class TicketDemo
public static void main(String[]args)
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