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Maria Alcaraz
Hist 1301
Mid-term Exam

What were some of the changes that took place in Europe between the years 1000 and 1492, and why did those changes lead to European exploration and overseas expansion?
From Leif Eriksson being the first European to sail to North America to Marco Polo making his first trip to china were the few things that were going on in the European discovery. During the 1100 the crusades joined the holy war to regain capture of Palestine which was taken away by the Muslims. As the crusades war was going on, the Europeans introduced new and exotic goods to such as spices, silk and jewels. This opened up a whole new opportunity for the Europeans as the demands and the trade grew, Ships were departing from towns in Italy and Asia. Christopher Columbus discovered North American in 1492. Columbus sailed east from Europe trying to find a route to the east. He failed to sail east because of the landmass that was in his way. Columbus believe he sailed to India because of the landmass and called the land the “West Indies” and the people he found there as “Indians”. This led to the exploration and overseas expansion to North America from Europe. The expansion grew as the growth of expanding trade grew out of Europe. The discovery of the New World took a rise as the transfer of plants, animal’s food demanded the human population to expand. All these things that took place from 1000-1492 changed Europe forever. The demands in trade gave Europeans the opportunity for new forms of employment and ability to travel out of Europe for work.

What were the major problems facing American leaders during the 1780s? What were the main weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? How did those weaknesses prevent the new government from dealing with the new nation’s major problems? How did the Constitution of 1787 alter the structure and operation of the national government to more effectively deal with those problems?
This period was called the

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