Mass Media and Class

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Mass Media and Class
From Class
Explain Mead and Cooley’s concept of the generalized other. Mead’s concept of the “generalized other” is also essential to his theory, which he defines as an organized and generalized attitude of a social group. It is basically our perception of what others think of us.

The individual defines his or her own behavior with reference to the generalized attitude of the social group(s) they occupy. When the individual can view himself or herself from the standpoint of the generalized other, self-consciousness in the full sense of the term is attained. People have developed themselves by comparing oneself with the other. Explain how this concept relates to the mass media.

Generalized other maybe less genera today. This is because media has consolidated significantly over the 30 years.For example the media can show an advertisement where the girl can be winking because there is something in her eye, but a boy looking at it can have a misconception and a vague thought that she can be winking at him. Explain your own example of a mass media source that socializes its audience. Seseme street

Explain your own example of a stereotypical portrayal of working class people in the media. The movie’The help’, is about African-American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi, during the early 1960s.It clearly shows how black maids struggle to earn their living. From the Reading (Robinson)

Why are some people concerned about the consolidation of media outlets? -This is because people are increasingly involved in mass communication abd information technology these days. For example statistics say that, Nearly 329 million TV sets in the US

77% of Americans own a cell phone (2008)
67% of Americans own a video-enabled mobile device
78% of teens own a video game console.
74% of teens own an iPod/MP3
70% of adolescents have a TV in their bedrooms
30% of adolescents have a computer with internet access in their bedrooms...
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