Mass Media and Development

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2.0 Objectives Introduction Concept and Definitions Philosophy of Development Communication Role of the Media in Development Communication Communication Needs and Resources Strategies in Development Communication Case Studies and Experience 2.7.1 Scavenger Development Programme of Indonesia: Case Study-I 2.7.2 Site Project: Case Study-II







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2.10 Check Your Progress: Modei Answers

After going through this unit, you should be able to:

state what the Development Communication is; explain the meaning, concept, elements and pt.ilosophy of ~ e v e l o ~ m e n t i~ommunication; state the role of the Media in Development; describe the important approaches to the Development Communication;

m explain the importance of identifying cornrnunicr\tionneeds and resource, and explain how communication strategies are formulated for devdopment. In unit-1 of this block, we described to you the various concepts of development, and distinguished the alternative approaches to the process of development. We also appraised you about the development experience of the Third World Countries, including India. In this unit, we shall relate these concepts of development to the process of communication.

In the present unit, we shall discuss the qualities of 'development communication'. We shall also see how these qualities are being applied in various developmental projects. We shall evaluate the results and identify the weaknesses of development projects. And hopefully, once you are well acquainted with the working of communication in the area of development, you yourself will be able to implement some of the positive aspects of development communication in your projects, work, etc. I

Communication is an important input in developmdt. Communication experts, sociologists, psychologists and economists agree that the proper use of communication can foster the pace and process of d e v e l o p m . In general terms, communication means interaction between two individuals or within a group or a community or a nation. In this type of communication, the four principle elements are a communication source, a message, a channel or medium and a receiver or audience. We have discussed these elements in detail in the first block of Course-I: Introduction to Journalism and

Mass Medla and Development

Mass Communication. We described the flow of communication in these' units. But in development communication it becomes the process of affecting or influencing behaviour of individuals or groups towards certain desired goals and objectives, necessarily for the benefit of the entire society. Thus, the receiver is expected to show the behaviour desired by the source of communication.

Development communication is a relatively younger field of study within the discipline of communication. Like the science of communication,development communication has come to stay. However, we should always remember that development communication is only one of the elements or inputs for speedy progress and development. Development communication is mainly concerned with the role of information and communication in social and economic development of an individual, society and nation. It identifies what mass media can do directly ot indirectly to improve the quality of life to both urban and m 1 masses. a

Activity 1
You must be aware of vatjods yivertisements 'broadcast through the All,In,dia Radio ' (AIR) telecast by the Doordarshao. In your left hand side column, list all ten and advertisements. In the second column, wtite in short phrases the message of each of them, in the third column identify the target audienceJgroupfor each advertisement, and in the fourth column give your opinion as to whether or not they would bring any. development, if practicod/utilised/adopted.

For example:
Rin soap

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