Managing Meetings

Topics: Management, Meeting, Minutes Pages: 4 (629 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Meetings are ... when, Minutes are kept, and Hours are wasted !

Managing Effective Meetings

Mario Fonseka
FCMA, Dip. M (UK), FSCMA, MBA (Merit)

Group Discussion:
What are the Critical Aspects to ‘focus’ on, if one is to conduct an effective meeting ?

Key Areas for a Successful Meeting
• Why meet ? Is a meeting essential ? • Planning the meeting • Role and importance of an ‘Agenda’ • Role of the ‘Chair’ of the meeting • Making ‘Minutes’ more meaningful and useful • Encouraging member participation • Managing Conflict during meetings

• Importance of follow up

Planning a Meeting
• Why are we meeting (Objectives)

• Who should attend ?
• Where and When should it be held ? • How much time should be allocated for the meeting ? • How should it be followed up ?

• Give participants adequate notice of the meeting
• Circulate the Agenda before the meeting for participants to be informed of the content and prepare adequately

Importance of an Agenda
• Provides a basis/guide for the progress of the meeting

• Allows participants to come adequately prepared
• Allows the meeting to finish within the allocated time

• You may discuss any additional matters (very briefly) under ‘AOB’ - Any Other Business, at the end meeting • If there is any significant AOB that needs lengthy discussion summon a separate meeting for that; Do not prolong the current meeting with such matters

Role of the ‘Chair’
• Be very clear as to the Purpose of the meeting

• Plan the meeting / Circulate the agenda on time
• Direct the discussion of the meeting towards logical conclusions / decisions (without letting it get dragged on) • Positively manage any ‘conflict’ that may arise • Ensure decisions/outcomes are minuted and are circulated on a timely manner • Ensure follow up action is initiated to implement decisions/agreements

Meaningful Minutes
• Appoint a person for this responsibility

• Narrative Minutes V Action Minutes
• Action Minutes: 3Ws -...
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