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Topics: The Mistake Pages: 6 (1849 words) Published: June 24, 2014
1. I am expecting to be promoted soon ( BANKING )
~> I'm banking on being promoted soon.
2. I found swimming easy ( NATURALLY )
~> Swimming came naturally to me.
3. organic vegetables are said to be healthy ( WONDERS )
~> Organic vegetables are said to do wonders for one's health. 4. He really disappointed me when breaking the promise to hepl me out ( TEETH ) ~> He really kicked me in the teeth when breaking the promise to help me out. 5. That movie star used to have lots of fans , but recently he has becom unattractive ( TOUCH ) ~> That movie star used to have lots of fans, but he has lost (his) touch recently. 6. if you work without the break , you are likely to make an error ( PRONE) ~> Working without the break makes you more prone to error.

7. they were very keen to hear the president ‘ s speech ( EARS ) ~> They were all ears to the president's speech.
8. the final score in the match between Liverpool and Everton on daturday was two all ( DREW) ~> Liverpool and Everton drew 2-2 in the match on saturday.
9. the mistake in the accounts had not been noticed until the figure were re-checked ( LIGHT) ~> The mistake in the accounts hadn't come to light until the figure were rechecked. 10. when Mary was pregnant , all she wanted to eat was jelly ( CRAVING ) ~> When Mary was pregnant, she had a craving for jelly.

11. telephone has brought convenience to people all over the world ( CONVENIENT ) ~> Telephone has been convenient to people all over the world. 12. a man with high ambition will never find leisured time in his life ( AMBITIOUS ) ~> Highly ambitious man will never find leisured time in his life 13. he is becoming quite famous as an interviewer ( NAME )

~> He is making quite a name for himself as an interviewer.
14. David play the main role when the proposal was drafted ( INSTRUMENTAL ) ~> David was instrumental in drafting the proposal.
15. The house should not be left unlocked for any reason ( ACCOUNT ) ~> On no account should the house be left unlocked.
16. Weather may cause various effects on a person ‘s mood ( AFFECTED ) ~> A person's mood may be variously affected by weather.
17. for thousands of years , people have highly believed in supernatural powers ( BELIEF ) ~> For thousands of years, people have had high belief in supernatural powers. 18. You look grumpy this morning ( BED )

~> You got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
19. I am afraid ourv problems are only just beginning ( ICEBERG ) ~> I am afraid our problems are only just the tip of the iceberg. 20. she was no anxious while the results were read out ( BREATH ) ~> She held her breath while the results were read out.

1. We have no ideas where she went ( trace)
~> We find/have no trace of hers.
~> We vanished without trace.
2. I can nearly remember the word ( tongue )
~> The word is on the tip of my tongue.
3. She was smoking in the bathroom, I went into the bathroom and knew that ( caught ) ~> I caught her smoking in the bathroom.
4. he was forced to apologise ( choice ) 
~> He had no choice but to apologise.
5. If it costs too much , we will have to consider ( event )  ~> In the event of high cost, we will have to consider.
6. the explorers disregarded the mosquite ( notice )
~> The explorers took no notice of the mosquite. 
7. john inflated the tyres of his bike ( blew )
~> John blew up the tyres of his bike.
8. the first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness ( onset ) ~> The onset of the disease is a feeling of faintness.
9. don ‘ t tell henry anything about it ( breathe )
~> Don't breathe a word of it to Henry. 
10. his ideas are out of date ( behind )
~> His ideas are behind the times. 
11. no sooner had I done the test than I knew I had made a mistake ( directly ) ~> Directly I had done the test, I knew I had made a mistake. 12. the students lack self-discipline ( shy )
~> The students are shy of self-discipline/are self-discipline shy. 13. the traffic jam extended for four kilometers ( nose )...
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