La Reid

Topics: Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Music industry Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Antonio “L.A.” Reid
In the music industry, there have been many figures that have transformed the business, as we know it. Perhaps the most successful of these is Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid. Antonio Reid has been best known for his determination to strive for success. He exhibits an array of skills both in his musical talents and managerial flair. Having been exposed to both the singer/songwriter, and behind-the-scenes work since his roots in the industry, Reid has without a doubt grasped the music business in its entirety in a way in which no other person has. Displaying musical skill in vocals, piano, and percussion (Net Industries, 2011. Para8) as well as his outstanding ability to manage and multitask, describing himself as an “overachiever”(Norment, 2003. Para 8.), Reid fits all the requirements for a successful career in the music industry. However what set’s him apart from the rest, is his infamous ability know talent when he see’s it. Despite being unable to describe exactly how he obtained such a skill in the industry, stating, “It’s something that I feel when I meet an artist”(Net Industries, 2011. Para10), it is without saying that he has proven his ability to recognise star-quality when he can see it. This is evident through his countless triumphs in his career, discovering successful artists such as Toni Braxton, TLC, Usher and Pink, just to name a few. (Net Industries, 2011. Para10&11) Reid’s unique sense of knowledge in the music industry, along with his other attributes, distinguishes him from others in the music industry, and has helped his success. His passion for all genres of music, having grasped the importance of musical diversity, has set him apart from others in his line of work. Not only is this something that I admire in Reid, but also it is something that I wish to apply to my own career in the entertainment industry, and hope to obtain enough experience and knowledge to strengthen a sense of understanding of what can be successful music. I...

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