L'Oreal Aims and Objectives

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Recycling Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: May 22, 2011
L'Or al Group "has made significant efforts to master the environmental impact of its activities, as well as those of its suppliers and contractors", it aims to: Increase awareness and motivate the entire workforce to show greater respect for the environment Increase the percentage of biodegradable plant substances in product formulas Achieved: Elimination of all CFC in aerosols

Reduce the environmental impact of:
industrial sites
shipping centre
administrative sites
Achieved: Use of electric vehicles and LPG cars on Group sites and Construction of the purifying station in the Lanc me factory Decrease the volume of POS (Point of Sale) displays, in weight and in quantity, while emphasizing recycling Achieved: Foldable, recyclable in-store displays resulting in: 25% less cardboard used

90% reduction of transport and storage space For packaging:
To reduce volume and weight
To increase their percentage of recycled materials To find new packaging solutions
Initiated performance charts at all its sites with objective of continued advancement. They measure and monitor interactions with the surrounding natural environment (water and energy consumption, atmospheric pollution, transportable wastes) Supply chain: processes in place to control (raw materials are developed and patented by L'Or al Research, then analysed and certified before utilisation) In 2001 the percentage of products made in ISO certified units reached 88% (In the Soprocos plant, energy-saving actions are being implemented, in particular with regard to compressed air leaks. This has resulted in an 8% drop in electricity consumption.)


Aim of "Zero Accidents" in workforce
In 2001, safety levels were improved by 23% compared with the year 2000 Commitment...
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