Knowledge Management Chapter 1&2 Quiz

Topics: Knowledge management, Management, Strategic management Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: April 18, 2013
1. Knowledge Management lets you lead change so that change does not lead you. (Points : 10) T

2. Knowledge Management value proposition reasons include (Points : 10) Knowledge integration is the engine of economic prosperity. Unpredictable markets necessitate organized abandonment. Cross-industry amalgamation is breeding complexity.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. All of the above,

3. A Knowledge Management (KM) platform includes (Points : 10) the KM system infrastructure.
knowledge management strategy.
cultural facets of knowledge work.
a design of incentive schemes and measurement and evaluation mechanisms in place. all the above.

4. The 10-step road map helps you to do all except which one of the following: (Points : 10) Identify knowledge critical to your business
Align business strategy and knowledge management
Analyze existing knowledge in your company
Guarantees a knowledge management platform that is immune to technological changes down the road Learn from war stories

5. Company intangibles can include (Points : 10)
Brand recognition
Industry-driven vision
Patents and breakthroughs
Anticipated future products
All of the above

6. The problem symptom, Business strategy and IT are "not on the same page", is associated with which one of the following drivers of knowledge management: (Points : 10) Tactic knowledge walkouts

Strategic alignment
Deregulation and globalization

7. The driver, convergence of products and services, is associated with which of the following KM solution(s): (Points : 10) Relationship building based on customer knowledge
A process-focused reference point for future building decisions Expertise localization
All of the...
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