Jihad vs Mcworld

Topics: Globalization, Border, Capitalism Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Jihad vs. Mcworld
* 2 possible political figures – first is group born into violence and poverty (Jihad), second are people born in an economically advanced world filled with technology, ecology, communications and commerce. * The planet is falling apart but coming together at the same time * Examples of this are Yugoslavia who recently joined the New Europe, but there is constant violence. India is trying to live up to its reputation as the world’s largest integral democracy but there are many fundamentalist parties that are jeopardizing its hard-won unity. * Both the Jihad party and Mcworld operate with equal strength in opposite directions. One is driven by hatred while the other is driven by universalizing markets. * However, they have one thing in common – which is both offer very little hope to citizens looking for a practical way to govern themselves democratically * There are four imperatives that make up the dynamic of Mcworld: market imperative, resource imperative, information-technology imperative, ecological imperative. * Market imperative – Marxist and Leninist theories assumed that the quest for ever expanding markets would in time compel nation-based capitalist economies to push against national boundaries in search of an international economic imperium * It has also reinforced the quest for international peace and stability * Resource imperative – democrats once dreamed of society’s whose political autonomy rested firmly on economic independence. * To be free meant to be independent from any other country * The Athenians dreamed of achieving autarky (economic independence) but they never achieved it * The dream of autarky became a topic for American in the 19th century, many people believed that America would succeed because of its beautiful land and unlimited supply of resources however there was a rapid depletion of resources * Every nation needs something from other nations there is no one nation...
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