American Dream: Accessibility vs. Achievability

Topics: Race, Martin Luther King, Jr., Black people Pages: 2 (1047 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Is the American Dream Achievable?
“The American Dream” phrase was coined in 1931, used to describe why people what to come to America or what they want to achieve in America. However, the American Dream is difficult, almost rarely achieved. Many have access to it but do not fulfill their entire goal they wished to accomplish. Some say it is forever happiness, other say it is money. Whatever their dream may be, it is all just a game of success of the fortunate. First of all, the American Dream can be accessible but not achievable in the sense it all depends on traits you can’t change or manipulate. A person is born with the characteristics they will have for the rest of their lives, not changeable. Within the real world, racial discrimination has led to a large effect to people’s American Dreams, solely base on the color of their skin. For example, in “The American Dream is Still Just a Dream for Minorities”, “applicants with ‘white sounding names’ received 50 percent more responses from companies than their black-sounding counterparts with equal credentials”(Deutsch ¶ 9). These statistics by themselves show blacks have a more difficult time getting a job, let alone achieve their American Dream. Blacks don’t have a choice of their skin color. Some of the hard working black people are not given the correct amount of respect because of the stereotype that has been placed on them, and this goes for every race. However, some may not even attempt to access America and never get near their American Dream, if they have one. In North Korea, it is a very rough situation for many of the citizens. This is mainly centered on the fact North Koreans are not allowed to “talk to visitors from other countries or go on the Internet to find out what the rest of the world is like, let alone leave their country to travel to any other”(Urban 3). If you cannot acquire access to America, an American Dream cannot be achieved.

Another factor of the difficulty to achieve American...
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