J. Perez Foods (a) Case Writeup

Topics: Fiduciary, Stock, Family Pages: 4 (1596 words) Published: March 16, 2010
J. Perez Foods (A) Case Writeup

Dear Jamie Jr,

From my observations, there is a massive, overarching family-business conflict embroiling you and your siblings (mainly Mercedes) that has the potential to not only undermine the cordial familial relationships between your family members, but also has the potential to destroy your family’s reputation in the Dominican business world. As a consultant to the Perez Family whose purpose is to bring stability to the ownership group, I will address 3 main areas of contention that if mitigated, I believe have the potential to resolve the current situation.

My first area of contention is the outward personality and emotions you have displayed throughout the series of events. I understand that as a developing business leader, you were always challenged, overshadowed, and to an extent belittled by your father in terms of your abilities and ideas. The constant demeaning comments about the applicability of your “paper ideas” and his patriarchal agent leadership of the company probably caused you a long period of emotional discomfort and left a huge shadow of doubt in your mind about your own abilities. His actions have fueled your inability to accept your own strengths and weaknesses and cause you to react defensively to anybody’s comments about you. Your lack of confidence in yourself prompts you to seek control of situations that may inherently be incontrollable. These are situations that you would be better off responding to and closely evaluating for both the company and your benefit. This clearly occurred when Mercedes and the other siblings voice their concerns on the direction you are leading the company and their request for secondary options should the value of dividends fall. Instead of listening and interpreting your siblings questions as genuine concerns of the business’ and their own future well-being, you saw their questions as intrusions to your power and disregarded them as “meddlings” from inexperienced,...
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