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Unit 3 Assignment
Download this document to your computer before filling it out. Each of the responses below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 3 Dropbox. Be certain to answer each question completely. Unit 3 Assignment

Outcomes addressed in this activity
Describe the origin of the internet
Explain various multimedia files found on the Web
Discuss how to search the internet effectively

Course Outcomes practiced in this unit:
IT190-2: Describe the basic components of a computer network. GEL-7.1: Identify the ethical issues within the field of study. Do not forget, whenever you look up information, you need to cite your sources! Please copy and paste the full URL of any website you use in researching your answers to the following questions. If you use your book, please place the page number from your book in parentheses next to the answer. Unit 3 is a Master Learning Unit. A Master Learning Unit presents an opportunity for you to grow and improve as a student. In order to qualify for Master Unit Grading you must: Respond to all questions

Make a determined first attempt
Cite your responses
Submit your assignment on time

If you meet the above criteria, your instructor will grade your assignment if it meets mastery level. However, if your assignment does not meet mastery level standards, your grade will be withheld and you will be given advice on how to improve your assignment for resubmission. Once you have received recommendations for improvement, you have 72 hours to resubmit your assignment for grading. If you do not make the recommended changes within the 72 hours, your original assignment will be graded.

*It is the student’s responsibility to periodically check the gradebook for recommendations for improvement. Your instructor may not contact you once your assignment has initially been graded; therefore, it is very important that you regularly check the gradebook once you have submitted your assignment as the 72 hours begins once your instructor has submitted his or her recommendations. The instructor can grade your assignment at any time once it has been submitted. He or she does not need to wait until the due date/time to grade your assignment! Unit 3 Assignment requirements:

1. Do a search for Warriors of the Net. You should be able to find a movie that is approximately thirteen minutes long describing how the internet works. a. What is the purpose of the router?

b. What is the purpose of the firewall?

c. What happens when an IP acknowledgment is not received?

d. What is the internet?

2. Using the internet for academic research.
a. Why are wikis, forums and blogs not considered valid sources for academic research? Minimum 50 words.

b. What criteria should you evaluate in determining whether a website is appropriate for research? Give a brief explanation of each criteria.

3. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming very popular. a. What social networking sites do you use?

b. Whether you use social networking sites or not, what type of information should you avoid posting on these sites?

c. What networking sites can be used for developing professional contacts?

4. Copyright violations and plagiarism are serious concerns in today’s society due to the easy availability of information. Do an internet search for plagiarism and copyright. a. What is copyright? Give an example of a copyright violation.

b. What is plagiarism? (Hint: We studied this in Unit 1) Give an example of plagiarism.

c. What is the difference between a copyright violation and plagiarism?

5. Thinking about your final project (Project 9): In this unit you learned about the internet. Think about how you will implement security measures within your company related to the internet and e-mail. a. Will you use a client based e-mail program or a web-based e-mail program?...
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