Research Unit5

Topics: Scientific method, Psychometrics, Research Pages: 5 (1090 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Do not provide a “Yes” or “no” answer without an EXPLANATION.  YOU MUST JUSTIFY ALL YOUR RESPONSES ALL responses must be written in YOUR OWN WORDS.  Do NOT quote the article.

What is the problem the study was conducted to research? (3) Why is the problem an important one for nursing to research?   (3)             
 Study Purpose
What is the purpose of the study? (2)
Research Question
What is the main research question?  (4)
What is the study hypothesis?  If it is not stated, what would you say the hypothesis is? (4) Study Variables
Identify and describe the major study variables. Identify the study variables by examining the purpose, the objectives, questions, or hypotheses, and the results section of the research article.  INDEPENDENT

Define the meaning of the term “independent variable” (1) Identify the independent variables in this study and provided a definition of the variable (1) How is the independent variable carried out in this study? (1)  DEPENDENT

Define the meaning of the term “dependent variable” (1)
Identify the dependent variables in this study and provide a definition of the variable (1) How is the dependent variable MEASURED in this study? (1)
Conceptual Model/Theoretical Framework – This is determined in the literature review… it does not refer to the methodology. Is the framework explicitly expressed or must the reviewer extract the framework from implicit statements in the literature review? JUSTIFY your response!(1) Is the framework based on scientific, substantive, or tentative theory? (1) Does the framework identify, define, and describe relationships among the concepts of interest? Provide examples and rationale for your response. (1) How is the framework related to the body of knowledge in nursing? (1) Review of the Related Literature

Are the articles relevant with previous studies and theories described? (2) Are the references current? Identify the number of sources within past 10 years and the number of sources within past five years. (2) Describe the current knowledge about the research problem. (2) Specify the gap in the literature that justifies the need for the research. (2) Study METHODOLOGY

NAME the specific quantitative methodology of the study. (2) Provide a clear description/definition of this methodology (in your own words); use an article or your text to support the definition and provide a citation. (2) Why was the choice of this methodology appropriate for this study? JUSTIFY YOUR RESPONSE. (2) Sample and Setting

Identify inclusion and exclusion sample criteria. (1)
Indicate the method used to obtain the sample. Provide a definition of the method and discuss why it was an appropriate choice for this study (1) State the sample size.  Indicate if a power analysis was conducted to determine the sample size.  (1) Identify the SPECIFIC characteristics of the sample. (1)

Identify the sample mortality (or attrition) number and percentage. (1) Indicate the type of consent obtained and institutional review board approval. (1) Identify the study setting and indicate if it is appropriate for the study purpose. JUSTIFY YOUR RESPONSE! (1)  

Identification and Control of Extraneous Variables
Define extraneous variables (1)
What are the extraneous variables in this study? In what way(s) were appropriate measures used to control for the influence of the extraneous variables? Describe fully.  If not addressed, explain how you know this and identify the extraneous variables you would note. (1) Study Instruments/Tools

Instrument #1; Name of Instrument (1) : 
Discuss how the instrument was developed or purpose of use. (.5) Identify the type of measurement strategy (i.e. Likert scale, visual analog scale, physiological Measure, questionnaire, observation, or interview). (.5) Identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio) achieved by the measurement...

References: Please list all references used to inform your responses to the questions.  Be sure you have properly cited the references with your answers. (6)
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