Invisible japanese gentlemen

Topics: Woman, Girl, Female Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: October 15, 2014
The story contains different characters:

– A group of eight Japanese gentlemen: Most of them wore glasses and most of the time they were smiling. They talked in a not very understandable language.

– A beautiful young lady: Blonde hair and pretty girl. She had thin features and a gorgeous face. She looked very sophisticated.

– And her fiancé: He looked very handsome too. He was very similar to her fiancé, he looked from the high socialite. - The Narrator: Physically he is in the setting of the story. The author of this short story made a wonderful description of each of the characters. Physically he is in the setting of the story, sitting in a different table, worried about this particular couple which called him attention. He is looking both tables but he really got interested with the one where the couple was sitting. The observations that are made by the author of the story makes us, as readers more conscious about what is going on with the couple. We can identify their worries, especially the ones of the girl, about her future as a writer and also her concerns about the wedding and their future as a couple. The narrator is sitting at a table, alone, and observes a group of eight Japanese gentlemen having dinner together, and beyond them a young British couple. The Japanese speak quietly and politely to each other, always smiling and bowing, toasting each other and making speeches in Japanese which the narrator doesn’t understand and describes in patronizing, derogatory terms. Seven of the Japanese gentlemen wear glasses. They eat fish and later a fruit salad for dessert. The Japanese Gentlemen are in the beginning a distractor but then we can realized that are fundamental in this short story. They try to show us an important characteristic of the girl´s personality. Even though at the beginning of the story she seemed intelligent and a good writer, afterwards we can say that she is...
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