Drowned Rose

Topics: School, Love, Education and training occupations Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: January 24, 2009
The Drowned Rose --------Show how different points of view in the family community are developed in the story and how it affects the reader response.

The Drowned Rose by George Mackay Brown is a ghost story about a doomed love affair which takes place in a close knit community and is pieced together through various opinions by locals. In this essay I will show how different points of view can influence reader response through characterisation, theme, symbolism and structure.

The story tells us about a young school teacher called Sandra MacKillop, who was having an affair with a married man named John Germiston. On the isolated island which they live on the close knit community have different opinions about the young couple’s affair. One night Sandra approaches William Reynolds the new school master at the local school as she mistakes him for John. William Reynolds immediately attracted to Sandra and is desperate to find out more about her. Later on in the story when Mr Reynolds is playing a game of chess with the local minister Donald Barr we find out that Sandra MacKillop is actually dead and that William Reynolds had seen her ghost.

One of the main characters who influence the reader throughout the story is William Reynolds. He is immediately attracted to Sandra MacKillop and is fascinated by her and introduces the reader to them main theme in the story which is love. Throughout the story he doesn’t have anything negative to say about her. “She was certainly a very beautiful girl, with her abundant black hair and hazel eyes and small sweet sensuous mouth.” This quote draws the reader in straight away and makes the reader become interested and eager to find out ore about her. Also the use of alliteration “Small sweet sensuous” helps the reader create a powerful image of Sandra’s beauty.

Another character who influences the reader throughout the story is Mr Henrikson. He is Mr Reynolds next door neighbour and is very nosey. He did not approve...
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