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Submitted by: Kamran Umar Abbasi
Submitted on: 19th February 2010


This Internship submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Textile Design, from the Asian Institute of Fashion Design.

February 2010


1. Thredz Introduction

2. Background of Thredz

3. Designers at Thredz

4. Designing Process

5. Research

6. Theme Board

7. Fabrics Design

8. Product Styling

9. Product Range

10. Internship Experience

An enterprise of unique designs and style setters, Thredz is a fashion &textile house. Under the leadership of Mr. Yahya Tumbi the venture encompasses products and apparel ranges for men and women including accessories such as shoes, bags, belts and stoles. Thredz manufactures woven fabrics that are incorporated with jacquards and dobby along with home textiles and is now in a process to launch its new line of lawn prints. Background

Increased media exposure in Pakistan started giving way to public demands of fresh fashion trends and diversity. The need for a fashion house to cater for masses was more evident than ever and that’s when Thredz took on the frontier of trend setting and fashion extravaganza in 2004. The brand converted latest trends to adapt to versatile classes and increased awareness of changing styles with new seasonal ranges. It became a business enterprise producing both stitched and unstitched garment along with casual, formal, and semi-formal attires. Upon increasingly popular requests and demands, Thredz opened up its second branch at Gulshan-e-Iqbal in the same year after opening its first branch at Hyderi. With increasing demand branches opened at Bahadurabad in the year 2005 and in Clifton in 2006. Designers at Thredz

Currently there are fourteen qualified designers won Thredz in different designing departments and each of them has been assigned with different challenging targets. The designers that are currently working at Thredz are: Head Designer

Ms. Fariha Taldarum
Textile Designers
Mr. Salman Ghouri
Ms. Tayyaba Asad
Ms. Salima Atif
Mr. Kamran
Mr. Hamid
Mr. Imran

Fashion Designers
Ms. Maha Anwar
Ms. Zunash Chagani
Ms. Zahra Shahzad
Ms. Ayesha Khano
Mr. Rahim Katchi
Mr. Rizwan
Mr. Junaid
Sole Proprietor
Ms. Nousheen Tumbi
Mr. Yahya Tumbi
Designing Process
It is very important that a creative vision of what a finished textile will look like with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of production and the properties of fiber, yarn, and dyes. What appeals to sight is the beautifully woven garment or enthralling print, what goes behind it is research, precision and efficiency. Each design at Thredz begins with basic thought and a solid research base. Research

Basically their designing process starts from research from the relevant websites, international books, magazines and trends in the market to precipitate few concepts. Theme Board
A theme board is developed which shows the colours, idea, motifs and patterns, accessories, types of fabrics. It helps in giving a preview of the designs to be constructed and to give a clear concept and a proper feedback so the importance of the design is maintained. Fabrics Design

Taking the theme board in mind the fabrics are designed. All the fabrics are designed in actual scale and have the details of warp/weft, reed/pick, Count/construction etc.

Product Styling
The fabrics designs are then scaled down for the styling of the products. Scaled down version gives a very clear idea as to how the finished product would look even before venturing into its execution. It helps in doing required changes at the artwork stage. Thus this helps them in getting a feed back before the sampling of the designs. This helps...
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