Investigatory Project : the Feasibility of Used Cooking Oil and Charcoal as an Alternative Ink for T-Shirt Prints

Topics: Printing, Printmaking, Pigment Pages: 10 (3600 words) Published: September 28, 2012
The Feasibility of Used Cooking Oil and Charcoal as an Alternative Ink for T-shirt Prints

Chapter 1
Background of the Study
When most people think of modern technological innovations, the first thing that comes to their minds are the advancements of technology in computers, communication devices and many more. However, there is a modern technological advancement in the field of fashion too, and one of it is the advancement in textile printing that has led to the rise in fashion clothing. Today, clothing has taken great technological progress in its production and it influences the fashion world alot. Fashion has always been an artistic expression and the style of many. Trends are always changing and evolving, extremely demanding the fashion technology faster than ever before. Printed t-shirts are a great example of how the industry had used these technical innovations to give it a new face everyday. Textile printing has opened new avenues using these developments in t-shirt printing ( The most noticeable change have been in the use of inks for t-shirt is the plastisol, it is used as an ink for screen printing designs onto garments, and are particularly useful for printing opaque graphics on dark fabrics. Plastisol that is used in printing, stated in an online reference, that it is a hazardous component of printing t-shirts. These hazardous components of printing may lead you to have a Hodkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks your lymph system. Many teenagers are a fan of t-shirts this where their feelings are verbalized through expressive messages, such as: quotations, sayings, pick-up-lines, and many more. These t-shirts prints are usually printed using platisol, which as mentioned above is hazardous and expensive, which made the service they give, expensive. So our group decided to study and find an alternative ink that can be used in t-shirt prints using charocal and used cooking oil which is safe, non-toxic and affordable. With this, customizing t-shirt designs or prints wouldn’t be as expensive as before.

Objective of the Study
The purpose of this study is to find an alternative and cheaper ink for t-shirt prints.

Statement of the Problem
1. Will using cooking oil together with dye/charcoal and ethanol as alternative for t-shirt printing be safe? 2. If these materials will be used for t-shirt printing,how long would the print last? 3. Will a change in the ratio of the oil, charcoal and alcohol in each set/trial affect the viscosity and the intensity of the color of the ink that will be produced?

1. As long as there is no chemical reaction between the shirt and the printing material(cooking oil, charcoal/dye, ethanol) that may destroy/ruin either of the two and if there is no reaction to the skin, t-shirt printing using the material is safe. 2. It is possible for the print to last long, just like the traditional way of t-shirt printing, as long as the shirt and the print on it is well-maintained. 3. If the ratio of the oil, charcoal and alcohol will be changed, there is a possiblity that each set or trial will have different characteristics with regard to their viscosity and intensity of the ink’s color. * The possible outcome of t-shirt printing and the possible answers/hypotheses to the given problems, will depend on the type of cloth of the shirt; the kind/thickness/density of oil, charcoal/dye, and ethanol; and the way how the printing is done.

Significance of the Study
Through this study, in which we planned to find out the feasibility of charcoal and used cooking oil as an alternative ink used in t-shirt prints, students will be able to produce cheaper ink that will make the t-shirt printing much more affordable. The investigation will also help students enhance their resourcefulness. It will help the community by ensuring their safety by...
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