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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY My report contains all the necessary exercises I observed in my four month internship spell in the G+4 building built in Debrezeit town by M.F.B.C. The activities done in the site include site clearing, preparation of profile board, different excavation works, construction of footing pad and column works, shear wall and lift work, filling of the site with selected materials, preparation of grade beam and elevation columns, stair work, first floor slab preparation and data collection and analysis activities. The scope of my report is to show how detail I have observed those activities done and how the field practice goes parallel with the classroom knowledge I have obtained. It also contains what I have obtained from my internship program. Table of Contents

TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGEREF _Toc351709627 \h iEXECUTIVE SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc351709628 \h iiList of table PAGEREF _Toc351709629 \h v1. INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc351709630 \h 11.1 Background of the company PAGEREF _Toc351709631 \h 11.2 Objective of the project PAGEREF _Toc351709632 \h 21.3 Statement of the problem PAGEREF _Toc351709633 \h 22. MATERIAL AND METHODOLOGY USED PAGEREF _Toc351709634 \h 32.1 Site clearing PAGEREF _Toc351709635 \h 32.2 Profile board (modini) PAGEREF _Toc351709636 \h 32.3 Excavation work PAGEREF _Toc351709637 \h 42.4 Foundation footing pad and foundation column work PAGEREF _Toc351709638 \h 52.5 Trench excavation and stone foundation masonry wall (S.F.M.W) PAGEREF _Toc351709639 \h 92.6 Filling with selected material PAGEREF _Toc351709640 \h 92.7 Grade Beam PAGEREF _Toc351709641 \h 102.8 Elevation Column and hardcore filling PAGEREF _Toc351709642 \h 112.9 Stair work PAGEREF _Toc351709643 \h 122.10 Slab and first floor beam PAGEREF _Toc351709644 \h 133. DATA ANALYSIS, RESULT AND DESIGN WORK PAGEREF _Toc351709645 \h 174. ASSESMENT OF THE INTERNSHIP PAGEREF _Toc351709646 \h 215. CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc351709647 \h 226. RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc351709648 \h 23REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc351709649 \h 24APPENDIX PAGEREF _Toc351709650 \h 25

List of figures TOC \h \z \c "Figure"
Figure 1 Profile board PAGEREF _Toc351708499 \h 3Figure 2 Pit hole PAGEREF _Toc351708500 \h 4Figure 3 Formwork of elevation column PAGEREF _Toc351708501 \h 6Figure 4 Grade beam formwork and reinforcement PAGEREF _Toc351708502 \h 10Figure 5 Elevation column PAGEREF _Toc351708503 \h 11Figure 6 Hardcore with top reinforcement PAGEREF _Toc351708504 \h 12Figure 7 Formwork & concrete work of staircase PAGEREF _Toc351708505 \h 12Figure 8 Concrete work of slab by crane PAGEREF _Toc351708506 \h 14 List of table TOC \h \z \c "Table" Table 1 General work flow of the company PAGEREF _Toc351708625 \h 2Table 2 Data collection format PAGEREF _Toc351708626 \h 15Table 3 Takeoff sheet PAGEREF _Toc351708627 \h 18 1. INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the company M.F.B.C is brought into life in 2004. It is a private company which highly involves in the construction of engineering works especially buildings. The work includes construction of stores, irrigation works, residential houses, hospitals, governmental building (dormitory, schools, offices). When this company started working it consisted of 10 professionals. These include 1 engineer, 1 Forman, 1 assistant forman,2 temporary carpenter,1 data collector,3 mason and 1 bar bender. Concerning engineering materials it started with 1 local mixer, 1 local vibrator and other equipments like dump truck through rent. Before reaching to level 5 building contractor it has achieved lots of good works in the construction sector. The initial capital when this company started work is 200,000. Now it has gone around 10,000,000. Most of the work is done through head office system which is located in Debrezeit and the sub offices act in neighboring places. This kind of division in the company has been exercised for almost three years and has brought encouraging advantages. The...
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