Installation of BTS

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Installation of BTS / MW Equipment

Aster undertakes turnkey installation & de-installation projects for complete telecom networks. Our installation Teams have experience on various telecom equipment from vendors such as Ericsson, Siemens, Lucent, Nokia, Nortel, Samsung, ECI, NEC etc.  

We are the leading service providers in BTS outdoor and indoor work: Outdoor
Fixing of cable ladder for supporting
Outdoor work consists of fixing of RF antenna and Microwave antenna Routing of cables
Ground / Earthing
Alignment of Antenna as per specifications

Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS)
Installation of Tx. Rack
Fixing of cable ladder
Grounding of equipments
Installation of rectifier and battery bank

GSM Antenna Installation
The installation of antenna mounting pipes associated with mechanical arrangement will be examined and where necessary corrected to ensure the following: - Desired Orientation
Desired Height
Lighting Protection

Antenna Installation Process
The antenna installation will be carried out using the following resources: - Trained team
Expert supervision
Site Master
E1 Tester
SDH Analyzer

Testing and Commissioning of BTS / MW Equipment
Aster undertakes the task of testing and commissioning of telecom equipment on site. It usually involves the following:

DLC (Digital Loop Carrier)  
We have successfully completed the works of DLC to the reputed clients like, Airtel, TATA with UT Starcom equipment, the project includes:- DLC rack and installation of cards like FXS, PRM, E1 and BRI will be installed by our engineers FXS cables routed at MDF frame and kroned.

E1 cable routed at TX. rack and kroned.
Power cables routed and connected to DLC rack and power up the DLC.

FSO projects had been successfully completed for the clients like Hutch, TATA etc, with light pointe equipment. Installation will be done for two link heads....
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