Project Charter

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Project Name| SCI IT Infrastructure Upgrade| Project Number| 001| Project Manager| Tiffany Santiago| Prioritization| |
Owner(s)| Dan Black, CEO| Start Date:| 03/06/2013|
Scheduled Completion Date:| 04/25/2013|

Mission/ purpose| What is your project going to accomplish?The Project will accomplish an immediate need to develop and implement an Enterprise Information system upgrade. The A-Team will develop a project charter, scope, and a project plan to create and implement an Enterprise Information System for the SCI Corporation and the need for upgrading their IT infrastructure. We will Plan, Procure, Install and Individualize each workstation with needed software and setup requirements, along with many other aspects of the IT infrastructure. Its ‘purpose is to Procure information technology services to support the mission for the Service Constructions Inc. IT upgrade.How does this project relate to overall goals and objectives of the company? The project plan’s overall goal is to import historical data from the old system and its needs for an informational company website. SCI needs to improve its computer system to processes operations data and provide management information to allow them to better serve their customer’s needs.It is part of a program or larger project? The Project plan must also include recommendations of other systems that SCI IT could use and roll out plan to achieve the success and specifications for an enterprise information system which will be provided in this documentation| |

SOW| What Will this Project Create? This project will create opportunities to add a quick response management system on providing the necessary information in a timely manner for onsite project requirements. This will add value to the SCI for its customers and needed project orders with a quick response. The upgrade will provide an enterprise information system for payroll, accounting, expense reporting, procurement, status reporting, bidding, pricing and materials estimating. In addition, an informational company website, and company vehicles for remote teleconferencing will be implemented.What is the product of the project?This product IT upgrade will enable and provide the necessary requirements for subcontractors to the customer’s specific project. The product will allow contractors the remote location on work being performed on the basis of project orders issued by the customers as their need arises. Customers provide SCI with a small offices and tools storage at the construction locations. This will allow the ability to simulate a presence back at the home office. At a high level, how do you plan on doing the work of the project? The A team will Define, Measure, Analysis, Design, and verify. Our team will determine our project scope and will state opportunities, baseline and goal performance within a balanced scorecard.On the measurement phase, the A team will have a descriptive Key performance indicators on market size, by utilizing economic analysis and studies that will measure the availability for onsite office and storage space settings. Also, we will measure the ability to communicate necessary information in a timely manner, to be competitive in a market place where customers are increasingly demanding quick response, and flexibility to tailor projects to new and unique situations. During the analysis phase, we will monitor, review onsite office simulations to determine if the IT infrastructure will add value to customer’s expectations for required information on a timely basis.Once a construction project has been selected, we will plan on building onsite offices with the capability of using technology directly on construction site.The final phase of our project is to verify. We will design and run a pilot in the real construction project.What are the high level deliverables are: 1. The Project Charter 2. Project Scope Statement 3. Project Plan 4. “In...
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