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Homework n°1: IT in business
Case 1: Sew What? Question 1: how does information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What? (Give examples)The information technologies contribute to the business of Sew What for: Free Advertising

To catch new clients (“ grow into a company with customers around the world and a clientele list that includes international rock stars”) and keep the client To educate clients/ self-servicing by client:

(“The site also lest potential customers review all kinds of color swatches and teaches them how to calculates accurate measurements for their projects..”) To show new goods or services
To be more understandable :
(“You can search for the American spelling of theater or the British and Australian version.” To increase revenue (“But after launching the Web site… 65 percent increase” (of selling)) To get data knowledge

To have more credibility
Question 2: If you were a management consultant to Sew What? What would you advise Megan Duckett to do at this point to be even more successful in her business? What role would information technology play in yours proposals? The advices for Megan Duckett to her business be more successful: To be more efficient, avoid mistakes and not lost time: introduce a system to sign-in and sign-out documents and sheets. To introduce Data processing.

Question 3: How could the use of information technology help a small business you know be more successful? Provide several examples.The information technology can help in many ways the small business: During my internship in France, the owner of business launched a website: Take order of clients

Keep contract with clients and suppliers
I’m also created a page on social network like Facebook to keep contract with clients.

Case n°2: Ipad Question 1: Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter’s competitive forces model.The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by...
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