I Am David

Topics: Good and evil, Perception, Evil Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: August 28, 2013
“I am David” by Holly Akerman 28/08/13 The novel “I am David” is by Anne holm, which focuses on a character named David who had spent his childhood in a labour camp, most likely in Bulgaria after David escapes, he must then learn to survive Denmark, where he believes that his mother, Edith hijorth-fengel, still lives. Despite the many adversities that David faces during his childhood experiences in the labour camp and on his journey though out Europe to find his mother, he is able to overcome them. In fact, his experiences help to make him a stronger person, and allow him to develop a very clear understanding of himself, namely his spirituality, his values and his sense of what is good and what is evil. David overcomes is his adversities through his spirituality when he makes a connection to god because he visits the church and talks to God which makes him feel better. After his escape from the camp, when he was on the way to Denmark he realized that he had no god and he needed one because “it might help” (pg. 50) with his travels. He then understood that he needed something to show him the way to Denmark and the way through life. Throughout the story David began to realise that god had helped him. From early on in the novel, it becomes apparent to the reader that David values honesty. This is shown when David escapes from the concentration camp and he realise how important his freedom is to him. David is honest, polite and thankful. But Johannes had said, ‘politeness is something you owe other people, because when you show a little courtesy, everything becomes easier and better.(pg. 92) and after that David had always said thankyou when he was given food – not to make them think he did not hate them , but so that they could he was polite because he wanted to be. What David values the most is his sense between good/evil. When journeying to Denmark he finds that there are good things/people in the world, but also bad things. For example,...
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