Hrm Midterm Study Guide

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HRM Midterm Study Guide
Evidence Based Management Article
Understand the general message/point the author is making
The author is basically saying that most of our knowledge in all industries is not based on evidence (as logic would suggest be the basis of our work), but rather on dogmatic assertions from the past. We choose to do things because they are the way things have always been done, not because they are the most efficient. The author suggests moving to a more evidence based management approach in order to ensure that processes are the most accurate.

Know the steps cited to start an evidence based management movement in a company * Demand evidence
* Examine logic
* Correlation or Causation?
* Is the data on opinions or results?
* Organization as unfinished prototype
* Run trials, pilots and small experiments
* Embrace the attitude of wisdom
Chapter One – the Challenge of HRM
Understand the general framework of HRM as balancing competitive challenges with employee issues/concerns Competitive Challenges:
* Changes in the marketplace and economy
* Globalization
* Technology
* Cost containment
* Leveraging employee differences
Employee Concerns:
* Job security
* Healthcare issues
* Age and generational work issues
* Retirement issues
* Gender issues
* Educational levels
* Employee rights
* Privacy issues
* Work attitudes
* Family concerns
Human Resources must manage these two aspects of the business through these activities: * Planning
* Recruitment
* Staffing
* Job design
* Training/development
* Appraisal
* Communications
* Benefits
* Labor relations

Know the relationship between HR practices and the business strategy HR managers who have a good understanding of their firm’s business can help it achieve its strategies – whatever they may be – through the effective utilization of people and their talents. * Change management: a systematic way of brining about and managing both organizational changes and changes on the individual level

Impact and scope of globalization
It doesn’t simply mean companies selling or making products in another country, but that it has become so pervasive that local shops have to contend with these overseas vendors; we think of it as big business but it is much more extensive than that; in terms of scope, labor now competes with labor in a number of places where in the past they didn’t have to compete for jobs; impacts everyone

Globalization has become pervasive in the marketplace. It influences the number and kinds of jobs that are available and requires that organizations balance a complicated set of issues related to managing people working under different business conditions in different geographies, cultures, and legal environments. HR strategies and functions have to be adjusted to take into account these differences.

Demographic changes and trends in the workforce
Hispanics are growing in the workplace; largest minority segment in the workplace; the workplace is aging; “minorities” increasing in numbers and percentages; Caucasians decreasing; labor force percent of women is about equal to men

The workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, and organizations are doing more to address employee concerns and to maximize the benefit of different kinds of employees. But to benefit from those differences managers need to look past the obvious differences between employees and see not so obvious differences such as how they think, learn, work, solve problems, manager their time, and deal with other people. By first seeing the differences, exploring them, and then discovering how they can provide value to the organization, HR managers can leverage those differences. Educational and cultural shifts affecting the workforce

Males enrolling in colleges at a lower rate than women

HR managers have to keep abreast of the educational...
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