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Chapter 1: The Hospitality Industry and You
What is Hospitality?
* Many people’s definition of hospitality extends only to restaurants and hotels * In reality, it goes far beyond this and includes any organization that provides food, shelter, and other services * Students considering entering the field of hospitality should take into consideration all of the types of business that hospitality encompasses but also, the various career streams in functional areas across segments (such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, ect.) * Once of the common threads that binds all segments together is the service orientation that exists- one must possess this in order to be successful * So, what are some of the primary sectors within the Hospitality Industry? They include: * Lodging (not just limited to traditional hotels)

* Foodservice (not just limited to restaurants)
* Gaming Operations
* Private clubs
* Theme Parks
* Destination management companies
* Meetings and Conventions (planning and operations)
* Managed park conventions (planning and operations)
* Resorts
* Senior Living
* Managed services
* Consulting services
* The role of the manager is critical in creating the environment in which the following will occur: * Making the guest feel welcome
* Making things work for the guest
* Maintaining a profitable (or “fiscally responsible”) * A degree in hospitality management is designed to allow students to be effective in these areas How to Prepare for a career in the Hospitality Industry

* Work your way up through an organization
* No guarantee
* Only learn one way
* Earn a general degree in degree in the liberal arts
* May not provide as quick, or direct, access to opportunities * Earn a general business or management degree
* Provides the good sound business knowledge but may not be specific enough * Personal work experience
* Family Background
* Contact with other students
* Enjoy people, food, travel, etc.
* Opportunities for employment and advancement
* Desire to won their own business
* Be independent
Employment Opportunities
* Most segments of the hospitality industry are projected for continued growth in the number of management positions * Opportunity to advance as companies grow
* Some segments are greatly outpacing the average
* New and emerging segments of the industry
* Growth in franchise opportunities
* Increasing interest in food and travel as population ages Combining Education and Work
* You gotta study
* You gotta work
* Not all learning comes from classroom learning and/or on-the job learning * Eta Sigma Delta, International hospitality Management Society * Hospitality students in their junior year with a 3.0 by Junior year Learning strategies for the workplace

* Try to Understand the Organization
* Formal Organization
* Informal Organization
* Try to understand the physical plant
* Work flow
* Guest flow
* Try to understand the different functional areas
* Back of the house
* Front of the house
* Try to work in each
What do employers look for?
* Dedication and commitment
* Desire to serve others
* Decision making skills
* Attitude
* Communication skills
* Experiences
* Involvement

Goals and objectives
* Income
* Professional status
* Potential Job satisfaction
* Skilled vs. unskilled jobs
* Hours, level of responsibility, work environment
Outlook for Hospitality
* Polarization
* Limited service versus Service Intensive organization * Has led to growth in certain segments of the industry (luxury hotels, limited service restaurants) * Has generally been positive for the industry as a whole as well as for consumers * Accelerating...
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