History 7a

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, United States, Slavery Pages: 11 (3832 words) Published: July 6, 2013
History V07A.
Week 1: 6/18/2013
1. American civil war is first modern war, where technology dominated(#15 from list of reasons to study US hist.) 2. Reasons the Europeans expanded into the known and unknown worlds 15th and 16th centuries 3.1. Collapse of environment in middle ages and lack of natural resources stopped progression and expansion. 3.2. Econ. Depression 1350-1450AD caused by defeat in crusades (1096-1298AD) and internal conflict pushes states into econ tailspin. 3.3. Rise of Ottoman Empire increased conflict between Christians and Islamic countries. 1450 AD Islam winning by defeating Constantinople 1554 and expand into northern Africa and india. 3.4. Econ connected with international econ

3.5.1. West Africa - silent carter trade route
3.5.2. Middle east and north eastern - levant route 3.5.3. Constantinople and Asia - Alexandrian
3.5.4. Ottoman empire slowly closed these routes
3.5. *Renaissance led states into quest for modern knowledge and science. Rediscovering Greco-roman knowledge assists nations in age of expansion 1405-1650 AD. Geographical and geological manuscripts will bring new and ancient maps, charts, reports and information about ancient worlds of Asia, South east Asia, Africa, and eastern oceans. 3.6. The acquiring of the Astrolobe from the Islamic oceanic nations lead to the European inventions of the sexton, which revolutionized oceanic travel. 3.7. Centralization of European institutions under the direction of the catholic church promoted the idea of a holy war against Islam. 3.8. Growth of independent monarchs developed the foundation of “Absolutism”. This lead to Gov sponsored exploration and kingdoms beginning at the start of the 15th century. Led to econ nationalism amongst Western European nations starting the age of exploration and colonialism. The age of exploration started in 1492 and ended … 3.9. The development of “Mercantilism” 1405 and its impact upon Europe and the known world 3.10. The personal goal of “wealth, personal glory and religion” motivated 15th century Europeans. 3.11. The protestant reformation and the catholic counter revolution of 1517 and 1530 created incentives for European expansion and exploration. 3. 15th and 16th century European foundations of north America 4.12. Spain, Portugal, France, Flanders (Holland) and England

Week 1: 6/19/2013
4. Spain 1492 -1821 (1899)
5.13. Initiated the western European exploration and colonialization of New world 1492 to 1821 (Spain explored and colonized 5/8s of the new world). 5.14. The Spanish established the foundation of the absolutism within the new world colonies. 5.15. Spain conquered the new world civilizations of Mesoamerica (Aztecs-Mexicas) and the Andean Region (Inka) and established the key centers of the Spanish realm in north and establishes the key centers of the Spanish realm in north and south America from 1521-1821. 5.16. Introduced the economic, political foundations and institutions of Mercanrilism (cash box and commercial) into the Americas. 5.17. Introduced Christianity (Catholicism) into the Americas (missionaries, both orders and parish) and establish the institutions, economy and political infrastructures of the catholic church in the Americas. (spain: cash box $2 billion just in conquering the Aztecs). 5.18. Developed and instituted the international trade foundations and patterns of the “Atlantic trade triangle” between Europe, Africa and the New World. 5.19. Introduced African slavery into the Caribbean region with the political and economic policy if the “Asiento” (Fernando) 1502 and the formal slave trade (Charles V) in 1518. International slave trade developed by Flanders, Portugal, France, and England between 1502 – 1882 and promoted by Spain and Portugal until the 17th century. 5.20. Initiated the “Columbian Exchange”...
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