APWH Chapter 16 Study Guide

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APWH Chapter 16 Study Guide
Chapter 16 Study Guide
1. After 1450 the West controlled a growing volume of international trade.
2. The initiative for Western exploration and conquest came from the kingdom of Portugal.
3. Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope and eventually sailed to India.
4. The first Portuguese fleet to reach India sailed there in 1498.
5. The Portuguese trading port and fortress established in India was Goa.
6. Why did the initiative in early conquest and exploration pass to northern European nations in the later 16th century?
The Dutch and British improved the design of oceanic vessels, producing faster ships than their Catholic rivals.
7. The chief positive European contribution to the Americas as part of the "Colombian Exchange" was large domesticated animals.
8. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the impact of European conquest on the population of Native Americans?
Native American population was devastated by the introduction of previously unknown European diseases.
9. Whom did the Spanish defeat at the battle of Lepanto?
The Ottoman Empire
10. Which of the following statements accounts for the Spanish failure to hold a position of dominance in world trade?
Spain's internal economy and banking system were not sufficient to accommodate the bullion from the new world, and the Iberian nation lacked significant manufacturing capability.
11. Where were the nations of the core region of the global trade network located?
Western Europe
12. Which of the following areas did not have a predominantly coercive labor system?
Northwestern Europe
13. Which statement most accurately describes Japanese participation in the global trade network?
The Japanese did display some openness to Christian missions and they were also fascinated by Western advances in gunnery and shipping.
14. Who established the first Spanish colony on the American mainland?
Vasco de Balboa
15. Why was the Portuguese colony of Angola

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