Gender Relations Notes

Topics: Gender, Child abuse, Gender role Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Gendered Body
April 23, 2013
Sexual Scripts
* Sexual Scripts are the learned guidelines for sexual expression that provide individuals with a sense of appropriate sexual behaviors & sexual desires for that particular culture * Women as passive, men as active in the U.S. culture

* The egg as passive, sperm as active
* Some feminists argue that the idea of passive, feminine sexuality is an attempt to control women’s power in society Orgasm Gap
* Women have about 1 orgasm for every 3 a man enjoys
* 1/3 of women never had an orgasm during intercourse
* The phallocentric definition of orgasm
* According to the study, women’s orgasm rates are strongly related to * Her evolving relationship with her partner
* The activities they include
* His investment in her pleasure
* Heterosexuality is seen as the given, the assumed, the norm; and that homosexuality is the phenomenon that needs to be explained * There was no such thing as “heterosexuality” or “homosexuality” until the 19th century * The 2 terms were made popular by sexologist Richard Krafft-Ebing who wrote about homosexuality as a personality disorder in his book in 1886 * Categories of sexuality focused almost exclusively on the behavior of men – due to the historical one-sex model which views women as an inferior version of men Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

* Cross-cultural research on same-sex behavior has found that social status in the form of age is often important in dictating appropriate and inappropriate forms of sexual behavior * Papua New Guinea boy – inseminating ritual

* North American native berdaches
* These cases show that there is nothing given about the particular relationship between sex category, gender, & sexuality that is presumed in current Anglo-European society * Ethnocentrism – seeing one’s own culture as better, more correct, or right relative to another...
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