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Sexual Intelligence
* Four components of sexual intelligence:
* Self-Understanding-Personal values & opinions about your sexuality * Interpersonal sexual skills and integrity-Making responsible decisions based upon sexual values *
Sexual Intelligence
* Four components of sexual intelligence:
* 3. Accurate scientific sexual knowledge-Knowing exactly what happens to our bodies when we are sexually aroused * 4. Having consideration of the cultural context of sexuality-Understanding that sexuality is expressed differently in different cultural contexts * Increasing sexual intelligence will allow for responsible decisions in sexual behavior *

Studying Sexuality: 
From A Psychosocial Orientation
* A Biopsychosocial Orientation takes into account:
* Psychological factors
* - Emotions, attitudes, motivations
* Social conditioning factors
* - Process which we learn our social norms
* Biological factors
* - Hormones, nervous system, genetics, etc.
Diversity in the United States
* Culture groups=diverse expressions and values of sexuality * Various Culture groups
* An example of diversity is religion.
* Fundamentalist-against contraceptives
* Liberals-appreciate how contraceptives enhance sexual intimacy Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Islamic Middle East
* Based on beliefs of Muhammad
* Belief that sex should be enjoyed by both sexes
* Women viewed inherently more sexual than men (this power contained by veils, segregation, female circumcision) * Oppression of women and many sexually related restrictions stem from patriarchal cultural traditions and fundamentalist sects, not from religion and the teaching of the Qur’an Cross-Cultural Perspectives: China

* Sexual conservatism with communist rule (1949)
* Lack of basic information about sexuality
* Sex outside of marriage and frequent sex within marriage discouraged * Almost no STDs
* Current trends
* Increasing rates of premarital sex
* Increasing rates of HIV infection
* Slightly more open to homosexuality
* Still lack sexual knowledge and safe-sex skills
Cross-Cultural Perspectives
North America
* Historic Roman Church
* Definition of sex and intercourse used synonymously
* Sex for pleasure was unacceptable (e.g. masturbation, oral sex, anal intercourse) * Sex was for procreation
* Anyone not married was living in sin if engaging in any sexual behaviors Cross-Cultural Perspectives
North America
* Male/female gender roles
* The male’s penis was the only way to enjoy sex
* Males expected to be sexual
* Females expected to depend on males for sexual satisfaction Cross-Cultural Perspectives
North America
* Sex Positive Shift-confined to marriage
* Protestant Reformation
* Value of sex in marriage, goes beyond procreation
* Victorian Era
* Conflict of women’s sexuality
* Prostitution flourished, yet women were valued when they were ladylike and maintained sexual restraint. Influence of Slavery
* Sexual practices among slaves were dehumanized and viewed as disgusting * African slave women:
* Used as breeders of children
* Raped and forced to have sex with male slaves or slave owners * Rape and slavery was justified under laws because Africans were not considered human beings. Influence of Slavery
* Post Slavery
* White Americans feared African men would seek White women because it was believed that Black men: * Sexually violent
* Sexual prowess (sexual superior) to White men.
* These beliefs justified lynching of Black males to prevent them from having relationships with white women. Post Slavery Images of African American Women: 
Matriarch (Mammy)
* Subservient
* Loyal
* Religious
* Maintains her household
* and work
* Asexual
Post Slavery Images of African American Women: Sapphire
* Emasculates men
* Sassy...
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