Flow Chart Report about Production Cycle

Topics: Material, Raw material, Quality control Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Flow Chart Report about Production Cycle

A flowchart is an analytical technique used to describe some aspects of an information system in a clear, logical, and brief manner. In other words, it is a way that records how business processes are performing and analyze paths of what developments might be applied on the performed processes and the flowed documents. The aspect in this project is the production cycle of a factory that produces blocks. In this report we are going to write the major steps of the production cycle and how the documents processes are moved from one step to another. Through visiting the factory, and having a conversation with the General Manager and the Production Manager as well, we gathered the information below. First of all, the design of the products (blocks) prepared by the quality control department and fixed from the beginning of the year. A copy of the product design goes to the operator and another one is saved in a file by date. Second, the Production Manager works on the forecast, plan, and the production schedule, and gets the approval from the General Manager. Then three copies will be distributed as following: one will go to operator in the same department, another will go to the management, and the third will go to the Storage Department. Third, the storage department, as usual, will check to see if the raw materials in the store are enough to run according to the plan. If there are sufficient materials, they provide the production department with the needed row materials. However, if the needed materials are not available in the store, the storage department will send a “Raw Materials” request to the Purchasing Department to purchase the necessary quantity and quality of the raw materials from suppliers. A copy of the “Raw Material Request” will go to the Purchasing Department, and one copy will be saved by date in a file. When the raw materials arrive the quality control person will assure that the received raw...
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