Transactional Flow Chart Example

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Transactional Flowchart: Guidelines and Examples
A Transactional Flowchart depicts all the activities in a process, from beginning to end. You can use a Transactional Flowchart to: • Provide a pictorial representation of each activity in a process • Show the sequence of tasks for each activity

• Show the flow of inputs and outputs for each task in a process • Analyze the relationship of tasks involved in each activity This guide provides basic instructions for creating a transactional flowchart, and includes an example of an office supplies process and process map. Benefits Include: • Good tool to use for documenting processes/procedures

• Simple to prepare and update
• Most common type of flowchart
Instructions for creating a transactional flowchart: 1. Arrange interviews or group discussions with people who work in the area analyzed. Find out exactly what each person does in the process: What he/she receives;

What he/she does with what is received; and
What he/she sends on to the next person.
2. For a group setting, determine who will act as the facilitator and who will act as a recorder (drawing the flowchart). An auditor should act as the facilitator.
The recorder could be any team member; however, an auditor would be would be the best choice. 3. Select the flowchart symbols you plan to use. (See Process Mapping Guidelines: Flowcharting). Many facilitators use only boxes and diamonds to draw a flowchart; the decisions as to how many symbols to use will normally come down to individual preference. If the auditee or client requests formal flowcharts as a deliverable, an approach using more precise flowchart symbols may be appropriate. 4. Create a flowchart.

Automated flowcharting products are good tools to use to create the flowchart. The process should flow to the right, using arrows to connect the boxes which represent tasks, inputs, and outputs. Start
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