Service Blueprint of Airlines

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T h e B r i t i s h A i r w a y s s e r v i c e d e l i v e r y p r o c e s s

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MKTG-380 Services Marketing Lecturer: Alkis Thrassou

Section 01 May, 12 2008

Zehra Fattah
Anastasia Kondratenko Federico Lovat











Corporate overview

The augmented service

Breaking down the process



Improvement of service delivery


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A lot of customers don‟t consciously realize that there is much more to a flight than

booking and attending it.

The price we pay for when purchasing a ticket includes all the supplementary ser-

vices we are going to mention in the next chapters.

The Core product is the transportation from airport A to airport B. but everything

else which accompanies it is called supplementary service, and even if a lot of these

services are expected by the customer, he/she doesn‟t consciously pay for it.

The following are the necessary steps in the process of delivering the service before

the customer gets into the plane. In the following chapter we are going to describe in

detail what happens during the flight.


The process starts off with the information gathering before attending the flight.

It is very important for the airline to advertise effectively in order to differentiate

from the competitors so that the customer can decide which airline brand to chose.

When advertising it is recommended to underline the features, services and com-

petitive advantages of a brand, as nowadays, being the airline industry in its matur-

ity, a lot of brands seem to be similar in the eyes of the customer.

In recent years, more and more people are searching for information and prices over

the internet, so it is crucial to have a well-designed website that allows potential cus-

tomer to get a feeling of what experience the company is offering and not only to

compare prices and routes.


When booking through a travel agent, it is important whether the agent knows about

the subject and is able to give the customer the information he/she needs. Prices in

travel agencies are higher than online so the customer expects the service which he/

she is additionally paying for. Even if the internet is a low-contact channel people

may expect some form of consultation maybe via email or through a specialized

online chat. The same applies to the call center, even though people might already

know what they want, the operator needs to be prepared to answer any specific

question about the flight or the before and after flight.



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An online booking procedure, which is pretty common in these days, is a convenient

way for the customer to make a reservation. It saves time and money. By the way

older or uneducated people still have some problem in booking through the internet,

in fact, from our interviews panel it appears that most of the “online bookers” are

young or middle aged and above average educated.

(However the number of customers booking online increased significantly in the last

years and the numbers are growing each day.)

In case a problem appears while making an online booking or if the customer has a

problem, the effectiveness of the call centre staff is crucial.

The availability of the customer service can be an important factor when a situation

like that appears. The customer...
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