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Final Exam Prep Questions

By sbuckssteven Nov 25, 2012 977 Words
1) The term channel in communication means
A. the volume at which a message is received
B. the context of the communication
C. the process of changing thoughts into symbols
D. the medium through which a message travels from sender to receiver
2) In which of the following communication activities do people spend the greatest percent of their day? A. Listening
B. Writing
C. Reading
D. Speaking

3) A receiver’s response to a sender’s message is called A. encoding
B. decoding
C. feedback
D. channel

4) With this type of response, you analyze or teach the sender about the cause of his or her concern. A. Evaluating
B. Interpreting
C. Paraphrasing
D. Questioning

5) This happens when you receive, construct meaning from, and respond to the sender’s message. A. Hearing
B. Attending
C. Listening
D. Responding

6) When the receiver uses this response style, he clarifies or seeks more information. A. Evaluating
B. Supporting
C. Paraphrasing
D. Questioning

7) Which of the following are the most common types of doubts people may have about a source? A. Status and academic degree
B. Occupation and employer
C. Prominence in the field of study and experience
D. Expertise and accuracy

8) Which of the following is the most reliable source of information? A. Wikipedia®
B. A blog
C. A book recommended by your instructor
D. Britannica Online®
BCOM 275 Final Exam
9) Consider the following exchange: “How do I know God exists? How do you know he doesn’t?” Which fallacy does the second statement illustrate? A. Perfectionist fallacy
B. Slippery slope
C. Misplacing the burden of proof
D. Inconsistency ad hominem

10) Stating someone has negative features and his claim is invalid is an example of which fallacy? A. Ad hominem
B. Genetic fallacy
C. Straw man
D. False dilemma

11) Consider the following statement: “So what if the Senator accepted a little kickback money—most politicians are corrupt after all.” This is an example of which fallacy? A. Argument from envy
B. Argument from tradition
C. Argument from common practice
D. Straw man
BCOM275 Final Exam
12) Consider the following statement: “Studies confirm what everyone already knows: Smaller class sizes make better learners.” This is an example of which fallacy? A. Argument from common practice

B. Begging the question
C. Misplacing the burden of proof
D. Slippery slope

13) Audience analysis should occur at what point in the creation of a message? A. Once feedback is received
B. Before the message is sent
C. Before the message is created
D. After selecting the channel

14) Behavior descriptions should meet which of the following criteria? A. Present inferences about another’s motives.
B. Describe only observable behaviors.
C. Include terms such as “never, always, or constantly.” D. Focus on more than one behavior.

15) An effective message should be

A. topic-based
B. audience-centered
C. time-centered
D. channel-focused

16) Which informal communication channel involves its own abbreviations to accommodate the limited number of characters available in any given message? A. E-mail
B. Text message
C. Voicemail message
D. Handwritten letters

17) Sound and light waves are an example of which part of the communication model? A. Encoding
B. Channel
C. Noise
D. Decoding

18) In this channel of communication, messages are carried by sound and light waves. A. Teleconference
B. Voicemail
C. Hard copy memos
D. Face-to-face

19) A framework for putting all of your information together in a logical sequence is called A. an introduction
B. a thesis
C. a central idea
D. an outline

20) Which verbal support breaks down complex processes or concepts into their component parts to ensure understanding? A. Comparisons
B. Analyses
C. Descriptions
D. Definitions

21) What type of language is used when communicating with classmates, coworkers, family, and friends? A. Official
B. Informal
C. Formal
D. Ceremonial

22) The connotation of words such as skinny or thin focuses on the A. actual meaning
B. denotative meaning
C. emotional meaning
D. contextual meaning

23) If you try to persuade your classmates to donate canned goods for the hungry in your community, your topic is one of A. policy
B. fact
C. value
D. pathos

24) Persuasive topics that attempt to show an audience that something is good, bad, right, or wrong are topics of A. cause-effect
B. fact
C. value
D. policy

25) If you use only a few examples to represent the whole of the conclusion, you are committing this logical fallacy. A. Either/or thinking
B. Slippery slope
C. Faulty causation
D. Hasty generalization

26) What logical fallacy can occur when a speaker focuses on similarities and ignores significant differences? A. Either/or thinking
B. Hasty generalization
C. Faulty comparison
D. Slippery slope

27) When you display ethos in your persuasive presentation, you have A. credibility
B. emotion
C. evidence
D. logic

28) Developing cross-cultural competence includes which of the following? A. Overcoming personal biases
B. Walking on eggs
C. Separating culture from communication
D. Using hot button words

29) An attempt to characterize causes of events to either personalities or external situations is called
A. projection
B. selective attention
C. attribution error
D. halo effect

30) Groups that value higher power distance believe relationships are A. individualist
B. informal
C. hierarchical
D. relationship oriented

31) What is the belief that laws are justified if they prevent a person from harming him- or herself known as? A. Offense principle
B. Legal moralism
C. Harm principle
D. Legal paternalism

32) What is the belief that correct moral principles are those accepted by the correct religion known as? A. Religious absolutism
B. Virtue ethics
C. Religious relativism
D. Moral relativism

33) The practice of using a case that has already been decided as a guide when deciding new cases is referred to as A. legal morality
B. legal paternalism
C. causation principle
D. appeal to precedent

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