Topics: Logical fallacies, Fallacy, Propaganda techniques Pages: 4 (530 words) Published: October 19, 2014
generalization (Inadequate sampling)
c. Oversimplifying
d. Appeal to pity
e. Either-or argument

__________Question 2 (10 points)
It would be wrong to prosecute Allied for age discrimination; Allied has always been a great corporate neighbor. a. Hasty generalization (Inadequate sampling) b. Circular reasoning (Begging the question) c. Appeal to pity

d. Oversimplifying
e. Argument from authority

__________Question 3 (10 points)
Increased restrictions on smoking in public are responsible for the decrease in smoking. a. Post-hoc reasoning
b. Either-or argument
c. Ad populum (Bandwagon argument)
d. Hasty generalization (Inadequate sampling) e. Oversimplifying

__________Question 4 (10 points)
Bill Jensen’s proposal to create an on-site day-care center is just the latest of his hare-brained ideas. a. Ad hominem (Argument against the speaker) b. Post-hoc reasoning

c. Ad populum (Bandwagon argument)
d. Circular reasoning (Begging the question) e. Argument from ignorance

__________Question 5 (10 points)
Since the introduction of cola drinks at the start of this century, cancer has become the second greatest killer in the United States. Cola drinks should be outlawed. a. Ad hominem (Argument against the speaker) b. Ad populum (Bandwagon argument)

c. Argument from ignorance
d. Post-hoc reasoning
e. Hasty generalization (Inadequate sampling)
__________Question 6 (10 points)
If mutual-fund guru Peter Lynch recommends this investment, I think we ought to buy it. a. Ad populum (Bandwagon argument)
b. Argument from authority
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