Team Assignment Week 2: Critical Thinking

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Team Assignment Week 2
Team A
BSCOM /275
May 9, 2012
Scott Earl

Team Assignment Week 2
Exercise 4-1 1. The text points out that physical conditions around us can affect our observations. List at least four such conditions.
Bad lighting, noise levels, the speed of events and the cleanliness of the surroundings 2. Our own mental state can affect our observations as well. Describe at least three of the ways this can happen, as mentioned in the text.
Tiredness, distractions, worry about an unrelated matter or emotional upset could easily account for such mistakes. 3. According to the text, there are two ways credibility should enter into our evaluation of a claim. What are they?
We can doubt whether the source has real knowledge about the issue in questions, and we can doubt the person’s truthfulness, objectivity, or accuracy. 4. A claim lacks inherent credibility, according to the text, when it conflicts with what?
Personal, observation or background information
5. Our most reliable source of information about the world is our own observation.
6. The reliability of our observations is not better than the reliability of our memories.
Exercise 4-2 Q: | List as many irrelevant factors as you can think of that people often mistake for signs of a person’s truthfulness (for example, the firmness of a handshake). |

Does the person make eye contact, are they sweating a lot, do they have a nervous laugh, are they fumbling over their word, or are they give you clear answers?
Gender, age, ethnicity, accent, mannerisms, clothing and looks can also be irrelevant factors.

Exercise 4-3 Q: | List as many irrelevant factors as you can think of that people often mistake for signs of expertise on the part of an individual (for example, appearing self-confident). |

Being Boastful, educational background, having limited experience, getting or quoting from an questionable source

Cheesebro, T., O’Connor, L., & Rios, F.

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