Effective Reading Strategies

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Presentation: Effective Reading Strategies

« Meaningful reading cannot occur without a purpose  »

I- Introduction
II- Macro-skill reading
III- Micro-skill reading
1- Surveying
2- Predicting
3- Skimming
4- Scanning
5- Inferring
6- Reading for complete comprehension
7- Critical reading
IV- Bad reading habits
V- SQ5R method of effective reading

I- Introduction
Because a large portion of time at university is spent working with written sources of information, and because there is a great deal of material to be covered in a short amount of time, it is essential that your reading is both purposeful and efficient. To ensure that this is the case, you will need to develop effective reading strategies. Knowing how to read effectively involves understanding the structure of texts, how to read for different purposes, and how to reflect on your reading. Being able to read effectively means more than just being able to understand what is written on the page. In this section, you can explore different reading strategies to ensure your reading, and in turn your assignments, are first-class. II- Macro-skill of reading

The holistic process of reconstructing meaning from written text through the interaction of (1) the knowledge the reader brings to the text, (2) word recognition ability, (3) world knowledge, (4) knowledge of the linguistic conventions, (5) the reader’s interpretation of the language that the writer used in constructing the txt, and (6) the situation in which the text was written. III- Micro-skill of reading

Before reading techniques
1- Surveying
It is a quick preview of the title, the subtitles, the first and the last sentence of each paragraph the first and last paragraph to help the reader anticipate the meaning.

2- Predicting
It is exactly like surveyin except that in predicting, the reader writes down a number of question s/he think the text...
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