Critical Evaluation

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Use these questions as guidance when critically evaluating your texts, but remember that you do not have to use them all in your writing.

Critical Evaluation of Sources

Is the source: Source type a book, a journal, an e-journal, an Internet article, a newspaper, a magazine, a blog

Why the source was chosen

How does the text relate to your research topic – does it provide background information, support for an argument, relevant data / details about the issue?

Authority of the writer

Who is the writer? Where do they work? Have they published other works on this topic? Is the writer an expert or well-known in this field? Are they widely cited they are by others in the field?

Authority of the website

What website posted the article? Is the article from a peer-reviewed journal? What organisation does the website represent? How recently was the text published? How up-to-date is the information in the text? If it is a website, when was it last updated? How recent is the data


that the text presents? Are there references to other recent publications? If the text is not recent, is this important? Has anything happened since it was written (for example, new theories, economic crisis)? What is the author’s purpose in writing the text (for example, to persuade, to present an opinion, to report on research, to promote an idea , to describe)? Does the text provide valuable information? Do you agree/disagree with the arguments presented in the text? Explain your opinion. Does the text have links to other useful texts / websites? What are the weaknesses / limitations of the text? What evidence and examples does the writer use? How reliable is the information? Does the information seem reliable? Are ideas supported by references to other writers? Is the content fact or opinion?



Who is the expected reader (for example, students, academics, the general Audience public)? Are technical terms used? Are technical terms

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