Effective communication - Non verbal communication

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Effective Communication Skills

Topics to be covered today:
• What is Nonverbal Communication?
• Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication
• Types of Nonverbal Communication

Lecture 6 :
Nonverbal Communication

• Guidelines for Improving Nonverbal Communication

What is Nonverbal Communication?
• all human communication messages that
transcend (goes beyond) spoken or written words
(Knapp & Hall, 2006)

What is Nonverbal

Nonverbal communication behaviors:
• Are those signals that
typically accompany our
Examples: our eyes, face, gestures,
use of voice and

Characteristics of
Nonverbal Communication...



Characteristics of
Nonverbal Communication
• When used effectively, nonverbal
communication helps clarify what we are trying
to say verbally.
• 4 important characteristics:
1) is inevitable
2) is the primary conveyor of our emotions
3) is multichannel
4) is ambiguous

1. Nonverbal Communication is inevitable
• “ We cannot NOT communicate”
• If we are in the presence of someone else, our
nonverbal behaviors are sending messages
• Although we can choose what we say in our verbal
messages, we often don’t control our nonverbal
behavior and how it is interpreted
Eg: Jason yawns during class and looks out of the window
• Classmate A: interprets that Jason is bored
• Classmate B: interprets that Jason is tired
• Classmate C: interprets that Jason is disrespectful
• Jason himself: unaware that he is sending all these messages

2. Nonverbal Communication is the
primary conveyor of our emotions
• When we listen to others, we base our
interpretation of their feelings and emotions
almost totally on their nonverbal behavior.
• About 93% of the emotional meaning of
messages is conveyed nonverbally.
Eg: Renee asks, “How are you, Austin?”
Austin replies, “I’ m fine, but thanks for asking.”

Austin uses a sarcastic tone, so Renee may...
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