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Topics: Visual impairment, Blindness, Vision loss Pages: 7 (2653 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Assignment 3

Analyse how a range of factors can impact on individuals with sensory loss including: Communication
Familiar layouts and routines
Discuss each of these headings in relation to each of the three types of sensory loss.

Having hearing loss can impact everyday life. It prevents people from being able to watch television properly, use a telephone, hear a doorbell ring or communicate effectively with other people. It can impose feelings of isolation and low self-worth. People with hearing loss tend to shout when they speak because they cannot hear their own voice. The inability to interact with other people or hear what they are saying can invoke feelings of inadequacy in the individual’s suffering with a hearing impairment. Individual’s suffering from impairment of sight would struggle immensely to complete even some of the basic task we take for granted. They cannot distinguish between peoples face, never get to see television, and no longer enjoy the sights of the world around them. This again leaves them feeling self-conscious and isolated from society. People with a sight impairment can become wholly dependant on the support they receive from care agencies and friends and family. They lose all independence to an extent and have to learn to adjust to the world around them. Individuals that have lost both sight and hearing will be completely dependent on other people they will have very limited communication options. This would leave them feeling very low, isolated and very frustrated. It would be very difficult for an individual who has before had the capability to see and hear to adjust to living in a very quiet and dark world. It would make them feel very vulnerable.

Access to written information will be a major issue for people with a vision impairment. This can affect their ability to read important information, sign forms or important documents and may leave them vulnerable to exploitation. Being unable to see information can have a big impact. Access to written information especially for people with vision loss is not always available or forthcoming. The inability to read or process written information can be very frustrating relying on other people to read your post for you must be extremely undignified and make the person feel their privacy is somehow violated. People with hearing loss may need access to information that is not in a written format e.g. by telephone and signed information. The impact on information is greatly enhanced when a person has a dual sensory loss. Having to rely on someone else removes or reduces independence and privacy for a person and so access to information of any sort is imperative. The ability to find information formats that are suited for both hearing and vision impaired people will be very difficult. Braille is always an option but sometimes both hearing and sight loss develops later in life therefore leaves individuals struggling to learn the new skills necessary to read information in this format.

Familiar layouts and routines.
Familiar routines and layouts can be very helpful in maintaining an individual’s independence. Some people have spent with visual impairments have spent years living in the same house when their vision becomes impaired they are very good at remembering the layout of their home environment. It is very important that for people with a sight impairment that everything in their homes is exactly where it is meant to be. By keeping everything the exact same place it has always been individuals with a sight impairment can remain independent by recreating their routine and steps everyday almost to perfection. Individuals with a hearing impairment would benefit greatly from an established routine. It allows for them to complete tasks or to be assisted with takes without the trauma of having to try and communicate. Routine and stability make people feel safe and secure by...
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