Blind: Blindness and Things

Topics: Blindness, Braille, Red blood cell Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Blind people research

Blindness is a disability that comes from birth, but other times it comes with the years. It’s a very complicated disability that thirty nine million people around the world need to face. Many scientific researchers have found out that when people are born blind, their brain is capable of refining their abilities to touch or hear. We never thought about how a blind person perceives the world, we never imagine how a person that cant see anything, thinks about the world. Have you ever imagine of how a people that cant see, imagines things? I had never thought about how a blind person perceives the world until I started doing this work, I stopped for five minutes and think on how a blind person thinks, or sees, if they never had seen something. I imagine on how a person might imagine colors, or how they might represent them, or even how they imagine things if they don’t know what are colors. For a moment I close my eyes and tried to imagine how a blind person imagine, but I knew that it was not working, this was because I imagine a notebook, and I knew they didn’t now how a notebook look like, maybe the form it was, but not the different images that all the notebooks had. All of these things I imagine make me had more curiosity on the way blind people think, or even imagine. “He knew my car was poorly parked because he produced a brief, sharp click with his tongue. The sound waves he created traveled at a speed of more than 1,000 feet per second, bounced off every object around him, and returned to his ears at the same rate, though vastly decreased in volume. But not silent. Kish has trained himself to hear these slight echoes and to interpret their meaning. Standing on his front stoop, he could visualize, with an extraordinary degree of precision, the two pine trees on his front lawn, the curb at the edge of his street, and finally, a bit too far from that curb, my rental car. Kish has given a name to what he does – he calls it...

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