Effect of Temperature on Solubility of Potassium Chloride in Water

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IB Chemistry Lab Report Design Example—

Effect of Temperature on Solubility of Potassium Chloride in Water

Research question

How does temperature affect the solubility of potassium chloride in water?


As the temperature of water increases, the particles of solid Potassium chloride, KCl, which are absorbing energy from its surrounding, start moving more easily between the solution and its solid state because. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the particles will shift to the more disordered, more highly dispersed solution state. I predict that as the temperature of a KCl and water mixture increases, then the solubility of the KCl will also increase.


Dependant variable

The dependant variable will be the solubility of Potassium chloride in water that will be calculated at different temperatures. The solubility will change as temperature increases.

Independent variable

The control variables need to be constant in order to get valid and accurate results.

The temperature of the solutions.

Controlled variables

The volume of distilled water used to dissolve Potassium chloride in each beaker

The amount of Potassium chloride deposited into each beaker.

The volume of the solution extracted by the syringe.

Weight of each 50ml beaker

6 Syringes
1 Heating plate
6 distinctly labeled 50ml Beakers
1 Electric Balance
6 Stirring Rods
Distilled Water
6 distinctly labeled 100ml Beaker
Controlling the variables

The mass of Potassium chloride and the volume of distilled water introduced into each beaker should be recorded in order to allow the experimenter to determine the molar concentration of Potassium chloride in water. Since the same amount of water and Potassium chloride are used in each beaker throughout the whole experiment, these variables are the least likely to be the sources of errors.

All 6 solutions will be supersaturated in Potassium chloride. If the...
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