E-Service in Bangladesh

Topics: Qualitative data, Qualitative research, Magura District Pages: 8 (2007 words) Published: February 4, 2014

Title: Citizen’s Perception on E-Service Delivery in Polashbaria under Magura District



Main Moto Of the Study

Significance of the Research

Limitations of the Study

Summary of the Study Design

Sample selection

Approach of Data analysis
Thematic Analysis

Summary of Question answer

Presentation of data

Thematic Results

Findings and Discussion

Conclusion & Recommendation

Our government declared a vision of Digital Bangladesh by 2021 to ensure services at peoples’ doorsteps. In line of this vision a total number of 4,501 UISCs (Union Information and Service Centers) have been established at all Union Parishads of Bangladesh. These e-Service access points are inaugurated simultaneously on 11th November, 2010. As public interest in the Internet and e-Technology solutions continues to grow, there is an increasing expectation that they will be utilized in national and local governments for not only more efficient governance but also improving public access to information and services of government. Bangladesh government has dreamt of ensuring approachability, expediency, transparency in Service Delivery through electronic ways and instruments to the door steps of the citizens. The e-Services aims to provide the facility for citizens to submit online forms for the services identified by the state to be delivered online. Apart from these, these services will provide the Government Departments with opportunity to access and process the systems.. UISC is service providers patronized by the government and operated & maintained by the entrepreneurs in union levels to deliver services (Government Services, Information Services and Commercial Services) to the people of respective unions. It is a one-stop service outlet located at Union Parishad office. Entrepreneurs are self-employed, they are not the paid employees of Bangladesh Government, and they manage their life with their own income. This paper will demonstrate the findings of a thematic research already conduced on Citizen’s Perceptions on E-service through any government offices or UISCs during “Exploration visit and Village study programme” from 19 to 23 January, 2014 in Polashbaria UP in Magura.

Main objectives Of the Study:
The core objective of the study is to understand about the citizen’s viewpoint towards delivering electronic/ digital services at UISC. Besides, the specific objectives are- 1. To find out to rendering digital services.

2. To find out the what else digital services people expect from the government 3. To measure the changes in peoples life style due to digital services 4. To find out the impacts on society

Significance of the Research:
The principal government responsibility is providing information and effective & efficient services aimed at improving the social and economic welfare of its citizens. Having this sense of responsibility, government has incepted some vigorous project and programs like- E-Service, UISC, A2I etc. But there are some hurdles and procrastinations in the process. For providing service, e-governance, e-service, e tendering, access to Internet and access to information, the main concern of the government how to improve the quality of services and what to address to improve the existing standard. This study might be helpful to avail the answers to those.

Limitations of the Study:
As like many other researches, it has its own limitations. The study has been conducted on one Union. Therefore, the limitations remain in a significant way. Because, one can rarely extrapolates results from the samples to the national or even regional population. Moreover, the study is constrained by resource and time framework

Summary of the Study Design:
Thematic research methodology has been employed to explore the...
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