Role of Information Systems in Small Scale ‘Ready to Eat’ Food Business

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Role of Information Systems in Small Scale ‘Ready To Eat’ Food Business

Assignment 1B
COIS20024—Systems Management Overview
Term 1, 2010

Prepared and Submitted by
Jessvin Roosevelt D’Souza

Tutor: Asif Syed
Due Date: 18 May 2010
Date Submitted: 18 May 2010

Executive summary
<Briefly describe the purpose of the report and the date on which it was requested, a brief summary of your major findings, conclusions, and recommendations >

Information System2
Types of Information systems could be used to support ‘Ready to Eat’2
2. (a) Business Functions and the role of Information systems in a business3
(b) Need of transaction Processing system (TPS) in a Business:4
3. (a) Poter’s Competitive Forces Model:4
(b) Role of Information System to counteract the competitive forces:5
4. (a) Information Requirements of ‘Ready to Eat’6
(b) Business function to be computerised6
5). Use of computer networks to improve collaboration and among key stakeholders7
6. The management challenges affecting organisational change during the implementation of the computerised information system8
7. Security and ethical issues due to the introduction of information systems in the business9

The report aims to explain the importance of information system to fulfil the information requirements of the business. It explains the role of computer and information system to achieve operational excellence in business functions, competitive advantage and business expansion. It emphasises that the tools of information system like intranets and extranets can be used as measures of information. These tools are very helpful to provide ready information to the outside parties associated with business and management for various parties. Ready to Eat is a sole business being managed and controlled by owner herself and with one kitchen hand who was also a delivery person. Later, owner hired four more staff. RTE prepares and supplies pre –packed healthy meals. Rebecca, owner of the company wants to know that how computer will help her to manage the business. The report explains how information system can envelop the limitation of one women organization for control, management and timing flexibility. Information System is important for RTE due to following reason. * To streamline the business function

* To get benefits of information integration
* For successful and controlled expansion of the business * To gain customer loyalty and more market share
* To provide ready information to the stakeholders
In this report, the objectives to the business have been discussed like implementation of information system and managing the business. The report discusses different information system application like Transaction Processing System, Supply Chain management and Customer Relationship management. It also discusses scope for intranet, extranet, websites and e-commerce in Ready to Eat. There is an analysis of business functions and how information system helpful in achieving the competitive advantage.

Information System
An information system can be any organized combination of people, hardware, software communication networks, and data resources that collects, transforms, and disseminates information in an organization. Information systems rely on people, and a variety of hardware, software, data and communications network technologies as resources to collect, transform, and disseminate information in an organization. Three activities in an information system produce the information that organization need to make decisions, control operations, analyse problems and create new products or services. These activities are input, processing and output. Input captures or collects raw data from within the organization or from its external environment. Processing converts this raw input into a meaningful...

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