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HRM520 HR Information Systems


Dr. Golaub

Suggest how HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs.

It is important that the HR Professionals know how the system will work. In order for it to work correctly they will have to know how to monitor the system, and pull applicants resumes. They will also know how to put the ads in the system; in order for it to be cost effective it needs to be correctly. “The goal of recruitment is to indentify, attract and hire the most qualified people” (Casio, 2006). This must be kept in mind when having the online recruitment website. It will be important to make the online recruiting easy to navigate, as well entice prospective applicants to your company .To effectively recruit applicants the HR team to make sure that there is good job description of the jobs that are available. It is also important to make sure that resumes are pulled in a timely manner, waiting till end of the posting date, will make it impossible to go through all the applicants. Using online recruiting can be very cost effective to the company, however if the system is not used correctly, it can become overwhelming and candidates can be lost in the shuffle. It is also important to make sure that only relevant information be put into the recruiting process, putting test can help eliminate some applicants that may not be qualified for the job however it is important that only the pertinent testing that is needed to go to the next step be put on there if any at all. Testing can be done during a second stage of recruiting to ensure the best qualified person is hired for the job. Recommend four (4) strategies to mitigate the unintended consequences associated with e- Recruiting.

It will be important to have in place a system that lets the HR department know when resumes have been submitted, they will allow all resumes to be looked at. If this system is not in place and the system is not looked at daily, then the backlog of resumes could become overwhelming and not all resumes will be looked at. Another strategy will be integrating the Internet and the HRMIS” Resumes can be imported into these systems by e-mail and fax or scanning. These data are then converted into text (if necessary)” (Ratzburg, 2009) This will help the HR team to be able to retrieve resumes no matter where they are, with the hectic schedules that sometimes happens this would be a great tool to keep track of what is going. The third strategy is making the system user friendly so that it will not detour applicants from submitting their resumes, it is important that the website will attract all employees, it is important that all qualified applicants have the ability to submit a resume, if not the company could lose out on good applicants. Propose one (1) approach in which online recruitment can help ensure the employee’s Psychological contracts are fulfilled

“A psychological contracts consist of the beliefs employees hold regarding the terms and conditions of the exchange agreement between themselves and their organizations” (Turnley, Bolino, Lester, & Bloodgood, 2003). In order for this to be achieved it is imperative that the job description as well as the job match 100%. We advertising for the position it will be important to make sure that all information is given on what the job entails as well as what will be expected from the candidate. It is important to let the candidate know what the mission and value is of the company and what they can expect from the company. There has to be set goals for the candidate and it is important that they know what it is that is expecting from them from day one, and what they company has to offer them as well. Making sure that a candidate also has the adequate training will be a must, let the candidate know how and what they company will do to give them the tools to be the best...

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