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Project Charter Template

GenRays HRIS System
Project Charter


Table of Contents
Project Title
Success Criteria or Expected Benefits
Major Deliverables
Acceptance Criteria
Milestone Schedule
Approval Requirements
Project Manager
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Project Title
GenRays HRIS System

Based upon stakeholder interviews the purpose for the HRIS system is to improve productivity, improve communication with potential employees, improve recruitment of qualified candidates, improve payroll efficiency processes, and improve overall Human Resource processes. Description

The HRIS project will provide a significant boost to the overall human resources and payroll processes. By providing an automated online system for applications, potential candidates for positions may easily monitor the application process. In addition to this benefit, the updated employee database could be used to automatically fill out electronic forms and allow integration of multiple enhancements such as a leave system, employee training management, data reporting capabilities and employee monitored career paths. Objective

We will work with the Information Technology, Human Resources, and Payroll departments to determine the best product that meets the needs of all units involved. By reviewing the available solutions and determining the overall expectations of the company as a whole, we may select a solution that provides for the expectations of those units. After the selection process we will work with the same units to configure the HRIS solution specifically for GenRays and the track the outcomes of the implementation. Success Criteria or Expected Benefits

Implementation of the HRIS System will address the following expectations: ·Provide a career track for existing employees
·Increase payroll process efficiency and productivity
·Provide an online application solution with tracking capability ·Provide more transparency in hiring
·Provide enhanced review of job applicant credentials
·Process payroll automatically
·Process expense reports automatically
·Enhance recruiting capabilities
·Improve productivity in relation to electronic forms
·Reduction of data entry error for payroll
·Provide a standard performance review system while reducing paperwork ·Integrate performance reviews with a standard compensation schedule ·Provide a standard position control system
·Integrate performance reviews with training to evaluate training outcomes ·Provide a leave management system
·Provide an enhanced employee communication system
·Reduce overall number of database systems managed
The funding for the HRIS project should be address by the VP of Finance. Generally, because the project supports that area most directly, the project cost should be assumed by that unit. It is possible that the CEO may be willing to fully fund the project due to his interest level. It is also possible that the project may be jointly funded with several units providing funding for their area of interest. For example, the HR unit may elect to absorb the cost of the HRIS system software license and associated internal personnel required for the project. Moreover, the IT unit may absorb the cost of the database migration and any human capital associated with the migration. Major Deliverables

·Selection of HRIS Software
·Development of forecasted and estimated budget
·Implementation of HRIS Software into test environment
·Implementation of career tracking configuration
·Implementation of payroll automation
·Implementation of online applications
·Implementation of performance review system
·Implementation of employee communication system
·Implementation of data analysis and reporting capabilities ·Implementation of HRIS Software in production environment ·Migration of existing data into database

Acceptance Criteria
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